Indian Game Developer Conference (IGDC) announces expansion of Developer Day to 7 Indian cities

The India Game Developer Conference (IGDC), a leading event in South Asia’s game industry, is set to broaden its reach by expanding Developer Day to seven major Indian cities. This move underscores IGDC’s dedication to fostering a diverse and dynamic game development community across the nation.

IGDC Developers Day: A National Network of Game Creators

After a successful series of events in Kochi, Chennai, and Guwahati in 2023, IGDC Developers Day 2024 will see activities in Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Chennai, Guwahati, and Kolkata. Additionally, Bangalore will host the exclusive Xsolla Forward Night, a special gathering designed to bolster networking, skill enhancement, and showcase the capabilities of game developers and gaming industry influencers.

This strategic expansion allows IGDC to make impactful connections within India’s game development scene more accessible, fostering collaboration and innovation. With proximity offering a new advantage, developers can more easily engage with peers and industry leaders, enhancing the collective potential of India’s gaming ecosystem.

IGDC’s growth includes significant initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and advocating for game developers. The introduction of the Game Developers Association of India (GDAI) marks a milestone in providing a robust platform for addressing legislative, regulatory, and industry-specific issues. GDAI aims to empower its members through educational resources, professional development opportunities, and the promotion of ethical practices in game development.

In addition, the IGDC Women in Games initiative aims to create a more inclusive environment within the gaming industry. This program is designed to attract, support, and retain female talent, ensuring that the path to game development is open and equitable for all aspiring creators, regardless of gender.

Sridhar Mupiddi, Convenor of IGDC, emphasized the importance of this expansion, stating, “This year’s expansion of Developer Day to seven cities highlights IGDC’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive game development ecosystem across India. By uniting industry leaders and developers in regional hubs, we are empowering a nationwide network of talented developers.”

Through these efforts, IGDC is not only expanding its geographical footprint but also solidifying its role as a cornerstone of India’s gaming industry. The conference’s focus on regional hubs and inclusivity paves the way for a future rich with collaboration, innovation, and a thriving community of game creators across the country.

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