COD Mobile Season 5 2024 – Digital Dusk update: New map, modes, and more

The upcoming Season 5 2024 of COD Mobile, titled Digital Dusk, is gearing up to immerse players into a cyberpunk-inspired world like never before. Scheduled to launch on May 23rd across all regions, this Call of Duty: Mobile season promises to be the most expansive yet, offering a plethora of new content and experiences for fans of the hit shooter franchise.

At the forefront of Digital Dusk is the introduction of the new map, Frequency. Set atop a secluded mountain listening post, Frequency promises intense battles against the backdrop of a futuristic landscape. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Players can also look forward to getting their hands on the new machine pistol, available for free, to enhance their arsenal and dominate the competition.

For those craving even more cyberpunk flair, the premium battle pass will offer an array of sci-fi-themed cosmetics, allowing players to customize their characters with futuristic gear and accessories. Additionally, the introduction of the Emergency Airdrop adds a strategic twist to the gameplay, offering players the opportunity to call in three random scorestreaks to a designated location, potentially turning the tide of battle in their favor.

With challenges and events accompanying the launch of Digital Dusk, players can expect a season filled with action-packed gameplay and thrilling rewards. So mark your calendars and prepare to dive into the neon-lit world of cyberpunk warfare when Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Digital Dusk goes live on May 23rd.

COD Mobile Season 5 2024 Digital Dusk update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 5 2024: Battle Pass

Unlock a wealth of rewards with the Digital Dusk Pass, offering both free and premium items. Explore new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and Calling Cards, and even earn extra Call of Duty Points to splurge on your next Premium Pass or Store purchase. Dive into the adventure and claim your rewards today!

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Introducing the fully automatic Machine Pistol, a relic of the past that seamlessly integrates into any firefight with its blistering rate of fire and exceptional handling. Whether you’re engaging in close-quarters combat or need a backup weapon in a pinch, this trusty sidearm has got you covered.

But when the stakes are high and your squad needs an edge, look no further than the Emergency Airdrop. This game-changing call-in feature allows you to summon three random Scorestreaks to your precise location, unleashing a hail of firepower upon your adversaries and turning the tide of battle in an instant.

COD Mobile Season 5 2024COD Mobile Season 5 2024
Image via Activision

And that’s not all—Digital Dusk’s free tier is brimming with exciting highlights. From a diverse selection of Skins to Weapon Blueprints and Vault Coins, there’s something for every player to enjoy as they embark on their cyberpunk-inspired journey.

Premium Pass Tiers

Unlock the full potential of the Digital Dusk experience by purchasing the Premium Pass, granting you access to an exclusive array of content straight from the dystopian future. Dive into the cybernetic world with Operator Skins that epitomize the essence of the digital age, including Cipher — Codebreaker, Isabella — Scorched Isabella, Battery — BTRY-22, and Templar’s Shadow — Shrouded. Each Operator Skin exudes a unique blend of futuristic aesthetics and battle-hardened resilience, allowing you to stand out on the battlefield like never before.

But that’s just the beginning. With the Premium Pass, you’ll also gain access to Weapon Blueprints boasting cutting-edge designs inspired by the technological marvels of tomorrow. From the sleek AS VAL — Metal Hive to the icy-cool Locus — Arctic Cold, and the intricately detailed QXR — Silver Bones, each Blueprint offers a glimpse into a world where innovation and firepower reign supreme. And don’t forget the EM2 — Steel Menace and the Machine Pistol — Biometric, the latter being a homage to the newest addition to Season 5’s arsenal.

Battle Pass Subscription: Enlist with the Ground Forces by purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription, granting additional monthly rewards along with a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, discount coupons, plus limited discounts on 10x crate pulls. Season 5’s Ground Forces rewards include the menacing Bale — Salvo Operator Skin, the Kilo Bolt-Action — Jaded, and the Backpack — Jaded.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 2024 Digital Dusk update: Multiplayer Updates

New Map: Frequency

Originating from its debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops IV, Frequency now finds its home in the mobile realm. Prepare to infiltrate a clandestine listening station nestled deep within the mountains, where every corner holds the potential for intense combat and strategic maneuvers.

Engage in skirmishes along the outer perimeters of the facility, utilizing the rugged terrain to your advantage as you vie for dominance. Alternatively, take the fight indoors, navigating through a labyrinth of labs and data rooms that house crucial intel and valuable resources.

COD Mobile Season 5 2024COD Mobile Season 5 2024
Image via Activision

Whether you opt to descend into the heart of the action within the central generator room or remain above ground, utilizing the outpost’s cutting-edge tracking equipment as cover, Frequency offers a dynamic battleground ripe for exploration and tactical ingenuity.

New Themed Event: Fractured Society

In the aftermath of societal collapse, only the toughest and most resourceful Operators will survive. Prepare to navigate the chaos in the Fractured Society event, where players must don masks to venture into perilous danger zones in search of crucial supplies.

Begin your journey with the Ordinary Mask, but don’t stop there. Complete daily objectives to upgrade to the coveted Premium Mask, granting access to higher-risk zones with the promise of greater rewards. As you scavenge for supplies, remember: every item collected brings you one step closer to securing your survival in this unforgiving world.

COD Mobile Season 5 2024COD Mobile Season 5 2024
Image via Activision

Among the coveted unlockables in this season’s Themed Event are the Zane — Dark Fibers Operator Skin and the RUS-79U — Compromised Weapon Blueprint. These valuable assets will not only enhance your arsenal but also serve as a testament to your resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

CODM Season 5 Challenge Pass brings new weapon and operator skins to the game

Season 4 introduced the Challenge HQ, and now in Season 5, it’s evolving with the introduction of the Digital Dusk Challenge Pass. This new feature promises exciting seasonal unlocks, including coveted items like the Battery — Emeraldine Operator Skin and the FFAR-1 — Canopy Weapon Blueprint, alongside valuable Challenge Tokens for use in the Exchange.

To progress through the Challenge Pass, Operators must tackle a variety of missions, including Standard, Special, and Elite challenges, earning Challenge XP with each successful completion. As your XP accumulates, you’ll unlock tiers packed with exclusive rewards, driving you toward the ultimate prizes.

But the rewards don’t end there. Utilize your hard-earned Challenge Tokens to procure additional items from the Exchange, such as the striking Hazmat Bomber — Mission Terror and the formidable ASM10 — Defibrillator, ensuring you’re equipped to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

The current Multiplayer Ranked Series will conclude in COD Mobile Season 5, making a fresh start for Season 6

As Season 5 unfolds, the current Multiplayer Ranked Series is drawing to a close, signaling the perfect opportunity for a final push up the ranks. Every day counts as Operators vie for supremacy, aiming to secure that coveted first-win bonus and earn valuable Rank XP by engaging in Ranked Matches across a variety of modes.

Participating in Ranked Matches not only hones your skills but also molds you into a more versatile and adept Operator. Whether you excel in Team Deathmatch, Domination, or Hardpoint, each mode offers unique challenges and opportunities for strategic mastery.

Now is the time to set your sights on the highest ranks achievable. Whether you’re striving to break into the top 5,000 or simply aiming to surpass your personal best, every victory and every defeat serves as a stepping stone toward improvement and growth.

CODM Season 5 2024 Store Update: New Legendary Operator Draw and More and more

Prepare to step into the future with the Legendary Foxtrot — Deadly Fragments Operator Skin and its counterpart, the Legendary Machine Pistol: Foxtrot. Adorned in a sleek black and white ensemble designed for unparalleled mobility and endurance, Foxtrot embodies the essence of futuristic warfare. And with the Legendary Machine Pistol — Illuminous Fragments by your side, featuring internal lighting elements and an otherworldly design, you’ll be ready to unleash a barrage of firepower like never before.

Embrace the cyberpunk aesthetic with the Artery — Techno Mage Operator Skin and the Swordfish — Iniquitous Bones weapon blueprint. Alias dons a striking ensemble complete with pink hair and a gilded spine, perfectly suited for both battle and high-tech cyber operations. Meanwhile, the Swordfish—Wicked Bones boasts advanced components and a pulsing techno heart, ensuring you stand out on the battlefield with style and power.

Prepare for destruction with Codename: Lazarus — Singed Blood and the PKM — Bloodlust. Clad in a formidable carapace-like armor, Lazarus emerges as a mysterious force ready to wreak havoc. And with the PKM — Bloodlust at your disposal, you’ll unleash devastation upon your enemies with ruthless efficiency.

But that’s not all—Season 5 also brings the Battle Pass content from Season 2 2021: Day of Reckoning, allowing you to unlock even more exclusive rewards and gear up for the challenges ahead. So don’t miss out on your chance to dominate the battlefield in style with the latest offerings in this exciting new draw.

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