Hawk Ops is hosting a mobile beta testing in China in June 2024

Delta Force: Hawk Ops, the latest entry in the famous shooter title Delta Force has just announced a mobile beta testing in China that will take place in June 2024. The series, Delta Force is trying to make a comeback with its first major release since 2009. The game did receive a beta test earlier but it was PC-exclusive, however, this time around the test will be conducted for mobile users.

The game promises realism with a focus on advanced Havoc warfare

Delta Force is a tactical shooter title which is known for its gameplay and strategic warfare. This time around with Hawk Ops the game will focus more on modern warfare and bring new gadgets and weaponry to the arsenal. The focus will be on realism and hence there will be nothing beyond the limit on the battlefield, as players will be able to utilize every means of mechanized warfare in the game, be it a tank or armed drones.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops beta testing, Delta Force: Hawk OpsDelta Force: Hawk Ops beta testing, Delta Force: Hawk Ops
Image Via Level Infinite

The developers according to their global testing roadmap also conducted their first offline hands-on event in Los Angeles recently. The game will be a cross-platform title, hence you will be able to compete with players from all across the globe on different platforms. There will be different game modes in Delta Force: Hawk Ops for you to try, as per the developers, Havoc Warfare, Hazard Operations, and Black Hawk Down will be the game modes that will be available.

Needless to say, there will be unique and different operators that will bring their unique gameplay which will allow you to play the game a bit differently. There are five operators as of now, as disclosed by the developers, and more can expected to be added to the roster, once the game gets a release. Not just operators, the weapons also can be customized according to your style and can give a huge boost to the gameplay.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops has started its testing recruitments ahead of the beta from June 2024

The game, Delta Force: Hawk Ops has started taking applications in China for the beta testing phase scheduled for June 2024. If you are interested and eligible be sure to register for the beta testing. There is no information yet regarding a global release, however, the game looks good and we will be eagerly waiting for updates.

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