Eggy Party x Little Parrot Bebe collaboration brings exciting new events, outfits, and more

NetEase Games is excited to announce an enchanting crossover between Eggy Party and the beloved Little Parrot Bebe, infusing the game with a fresh wave of whimsical charm. Starting this May, players can outfit their Eggies in exclusive gear inspired by the adorable Little Parrot Bebe, adding feathery flair to their in-game adventures.

Discover the Magic of Little Parrot Bebe in Eggy Party

Eggy Party, the fast-paced party game that has captivated mobile gamers worldwide, allows players to navigate their Eggies through a series of competitive mini-games, striving to be the last one standing. This vibrant game not only offers a plethora of outfits to dress your Eggy but also lets you design stages and share them globally, showcasing your creativity to other players.

Eggy Party Little Parrot Bebe collab emojiEggy Party Little Parrot Bebe collab emoji
Image via NetEase

Special Events and Unique Rewards

The Eggy Party x Little Parrot Bebe crossover event, running from May 3rd to May 30th, introduces a host of special events and unique rewards. Players can participate in the Parrot Playtime event, completing in-game tasks to win exclusive emojis like Well-behaved Bebe and Drive Bebe’s Car. Additionally, the event features a no-duplicate reward system, ensuring all Little Parrot Bebe prizes are unique throughout the event.

Available special items include the MOCA Backpack, Little Ghost Fan, and Thick Eyebrow Glasses, each designed to transform your Eggy into a true fashion icon. The Mini Fan event, spanning four rounds, offers players the chance to draw a Mini Fan that reveals random items from a grid, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

Matt Liu, Head of NetEase Games Overseas Publishing, expressed his enthusiasm for the crossover: “Little Parrot Bebe is an excellent fit for Eggy Party. The cute parrot is known for having fun and bringing joy, much like the Eggies do on their adventures. We hope everyone enjoys this delightful meeting and takes full advantage of the crossover event in Eggy Party.

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