Blood Strike Interview delves into the game’s inspiration, challenges, future and beyond

Blood Strike, an action-packed battle royale, by the renowned NetEase Games, has crossed over 30 million installs. They are moving towards an exceptional experience and are expecting higher success grounds in the future. So, the GamingonPhone team, sat down for an interview with the Blood Strike Lead Game Designer, responsible for firearms feel, the core gameplay, and hero skill designs, and the game’s Operation Planning Executive, accountable for operation activity and commercialization designs. They preferred not to reveal their names.

However, this Blood Strike Interview helped us to gain insights concerning the inspiration behind the title, challenges they faced, future implementations, and more. So, let’s see what the team’s thoughts and responses were. 

1. What has inspired the development team to build the concept and work on the development of Blood Strike?

In the shooting game genre, the products currently in operation have fully tapped into their target market users and have carved out their unique standing. However, gamers always crave innovative gameplay and experience. We’ve discovered that the mobile shooters available on the market, have predominantly modeled them after the first generation of battle royale games, with PUBG being a prime example.

Project Blood Strike LobbyProject Blood Strike Lobby
Image via NetEase Games

These games focus on simulating the survival experience, emphasizing the excitement it brings. However, this also introduces negative experiences, such as spending excessive time scavenging for supplies only to fall victim to ambushes and chance playing a significant role in determining victory. Our game design is all about boosting competition. We provide players with more flexibility and strategic possibilities, making the battles more thrilling and captivating.

2. Now that Blood Strike has hit a massive user base, can you share some insight into the game’s development process, including any challenges faced along with their proposed solutions?

The shooter genre has been around for a long time and the industry is highly competitive with very many great products and well-funded development teams. At the outset of our project, we were merely a small band of less than ten people with constricted development resources. So the biggest challenge is that we need to make the gaming experience we want to bring to our players materialize with limited resources and build on our unique strengths.

After weighing our options, we decided to focus on the core of shooting games: how it feels to fire a weapon. The feeling of shooting a gun is the foundation of any shooter game and is key to a great tactical experience. While others keep adding bells and whistles, we’re focused on perfecting this basic part before we build anything else around that. We aim to distinguish the gameplay experience, drawing in new players and setting ourselves apart from existing products in the market.

3. What do you hope the players will take away from their experience with Blood Strike? Also, how are you handling the success of the game globally?

Realistic shooting sensation, smooth combat experience, and action-packed gunfight. We wouldn’t say it’s been a “success” just yet. We’re still finding our footing. However, we’re feeling thrilled to have a community of players enjoying our game and eager to continue their journey with us.

Project Blood Strike gameplayProject Blood Strike gameplay
Image via NetEase Games

Moving forward, we’re committed to continuously updating and enhancing both the gameplay and content of the game. We’ve just started with Blood Strike, and there’s a lot more excitement and fun on the way.

4. How did the team balance engaging gameplay and ensuring a fair and interesting experience for all players?

We’re not entirely sure what’s the question here. Perhaps you can find the answer by exploring the responses to other topics.

5. How were the team’s expectations met after the initial testing phase? What were the areas that needed improvement?

During the initial beta phase, we won over some core players with our skill-based gameplay design, realistic shooting response, precise movement controls, and fast-paced battles. Plus, we’ve optimized the game for mobile devices with good compatibility to ensure the players’ smooth gaming experience. This is in line with our original design.

Blood Strike Game modesBlood Strike Game modes
Image via NetEase Games

But we’ve also received a lot of feedback about the less impressive graphics performance. This is something we’ve improved in the new maps we’ve recently released, striving to achieve a balance between optimizing performance and enhancing graphics.

6. Can you shed some light on how you engage with the community to gather feedback and improve the game over time?

The core team members are asked to regularly browse players’ feedback from various communities, such as Facebook, and engage in discussions on Discord. We’d also capture our players’ suggestions, discuss them, and integrate them into our development schedule.

We try to stay responsive to those suggestions that are less complicated and require a quick response. We’ll address the more challenging issues gradually over a longer period. For instance, we’ll roll out the much-requested clan system and free striker skins shortly.

7. What is the future roadmap? It would be great to get a glimpse of what’s coming within the next year.

We’ve just reached the milestone of 30 million installs, and we’ll continue to 50 million, and 100 million. Our team’s vision is to continually refine the game and deliver a better gaming experience to players.

Blood Strike ranked modeBlood Strike ranked mode
Image via NetEase Games

Over the next year, we’ll consistently provide updates introducing new weapons, strikers, and gameplay, alongside numerous benefits and events for our players to enjoy. Collaborations with influencers and esports events are also part of our plans. The recent Americas tournament is underway, with more than 200 teams already registered in North and South America.

8. Currently, the players are limited to playing with friends in the same regions. What is the outcome regarding server crossplay for friends and gamers having accounts in different regions?

The primary concern is that server crossplay may significantly impact frame rates and result in a subpar gaming experience. That’s why we don’t encourage server crossplay.

9. Is the team planning to implement a clan system in the game shortly?

Absolutely, we’ve already made plans and players can soon experience clans in the game

10. Are there any possibilities that the players can experience this game on other gaming platforms?

Yes, we’ve already planned on this, and will go live shortly.

11. Can the players expect controller support in this game?

Yes, the development is in progress and it will be available as soon as possible (probably in May).

12. Will the team be adding a third-party purchase system like Codashop shortly?

It is currently available and players can access it on the purchase page.

Blood Strike Season 3 VOLTBlood Strike Season 3 VOLT
Image via NetEase Games

13. Are you planning on bringing back features from the beta testing phase like different types of ammo and ability upgrades?

Please keep an eye out for these features as they make their debut in upcoming gameplay modes!

14. Another prominent thing I read about is the Hotspot War mode. Will there be an addition of more maps to the Hotspot War multiplayer system or will you be adding the ranked Hotspot War multiplayer?

We’ll continue to update The Hotspot War mode with more maps.

15. Are there any upcoming updates or features concerning the graphics and animation, game modes, maps, weapons, or customization options?

We are currently focusing on developing new content, mainly new weapons and new game modes. We’ll continue to update weapons alongside seasons in the future, and next season a new weapon will go live, which is the MP5. We will also introduce more gameplay modes, such as Weapon Master, Squad Fight, and other modes.

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