Clash Royale Season 59 ‘Magic Mayhem’ May 2024 Update and Balance Changes

A brand new season of Clash Royale excitement is here, and as expected we are going to get some interesting additions. Many things to discuss as we have a new Spell arriving with Void with the Card Evolution of Wizard. So, let me provide you with a glimpse of what Clash Royale Season 59 May 2024 Update has in store regarding new skins, emotes, rewards, and other additions.

Clash Royale Season 59 May 2024 Update Overview

New Spell Card: Void

Empty is the key word here as the Void Spell has arrived in Clash Royale as a Rare card that creates a dark magic field, damaging enemy troops and buildings inside it. The damage it deals depends on how many targets are in its area: more targets mean less damage. However, it deals reduced damage to Crown Towers.

CR Season 59 Void SpellCR Season 59 Void Spell
Image via Supercell

When you use the Void Spell, a dark circle appears in the arena. Over 5 seconds, three waves of beams strike any troops inside the area. The damage each troop receives depends on how many are targeted, one troop gets the most damage, while five or more troops get the least. The beams strike every 1.5 seconds, with the last wave hitting at 4.9 seconds.

New Card Evolution: Wizard

The latest to get a Card Evolution is Wizard, and to be honest, this was most needed. With a new evolution, there is a fiery shield that the magician gets, called the Fire Shield which is his new ability. Here’s how it works: The shield has its health. When it’s broken, it explodes, blasting nearby troops of your opponent.

Clash Royale Season 59 Wizard EvolutionClash Royale Season 59 Wizard Evolution
Image via Supercell

So the use case becomes pretty interesting as it can be useful against groups of enemies. The base stats of the Wizard don’t change with his evolution. The cycle is just one, so every other dropping of the Wizard will activate his evolution.

New Tower Skins

Talking cosmetics, in this update, one new Tower Skin has been officially confirmed that can be acquired through the Pass Royale. The Cluckingham Tower tower skin is unlocked at Tier 48 of the Gold Tier in Pass Royale. I’ve been quite surprised by the lack of tower skins recently. We might get a Tower Skin in a special event so we shall wait for the same.

Emotes and Banners

Once again, following the pattern of previous updates, six new emotes will be coming. All the new emotes will be based on mixed themes, including the Wizard Evolution. We will only have 2 Banners for Diamond Pass Royale owners, 8 in the Banner Box, 2 free from Community Challenges, and not any in the Season Shop.

Season Shop, Card Boosts, and Offers

The Season Shop has a decent amount of rewards on offer, which can be obtained by exchanging season tokens. Along with the cards on offer, I see banners and emotes being worthwhile investments. However, we will have eight cards in Arrows, Giant Snowball, Wizard, Earthquake, Rage, Poison, Electro Wizard, and Ice Wizard available in the Season Shop for 500 tokens apiece. 

Clash Royale Evolution Shards guideClash Royale Evolution Shards guide
Image via Supercell

Card Evolution enthusiasts can find Valkyrie Shards in the Season Shop. We have four cards picked for boost this time, featuring the Wizard family with Poison, Wizard, Electro Wizard, and Ice Wizard with an Epic Book of Cards for 1000 tokens and Wild Shards for 6000 tokens.

Balance Update

No Balance Update has been out yet, but I feel this time we will be getting a few changes so keep an eye on this space.

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