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The spotlight events in Supercell’s Clash of Clans might have been a regular occurrence for the past couple of months as we are slowly getting a lot of these events live. After following up with the Super Dragon Spotlight and Rocket Balloon Spotlight in the March 2024 season and April 2024 season respectively, the football-themed season of May 2024 featuring Clash of Clans x Erling Haaland collaboration brings us the Clash with Haaland event.

Well, the Clash with Haaland event introduces exciting new troops and features like the Giant Thrower, Yellow Card Spell, and Spiky Ball Equipment. With strategic gameplay and a variety of rewards available, players have plenty of opportunities to get their Clash of Clans experience to the next level. So to give you a complete overview, I have this piece dedicated to the same.

Clash of Clans Clash with Haaland May 2024 Event Overview

As usual, the CoC Haaland event brings players lots of exciting features and challenges. It brings in-game activities where players can collect Resources, take up themed Challenges, and more, with one of the anticipated highlights being a new set of exclusive rewards as I mentioned earlier.

CoC Erling Haaland eventCoC Erling Haaland event
Image via Supercell

The event runs from May 7th to May 17th, 2024, for a total of 10 days, during which you can progress through the event track to unlock various rewards. I will be explaining what rewards you can get as well in the next phases of the articles.

Event Strategies

The building for this event will be the Football Camp, where the major resource becomes the Footballs to collect, and then use the Golden Boot Medals for the rewards such as Troops, Ores, and Equipment. Attacking in multiplayer bases will help you to earn footballs. Golden Boot Medals you earned will be based on footballs collected. With the bonus track, additional rewards are available with extra footballs.

New Event Troops and Spells

Temporary troops are part of the event, and hence, we are getting some new stuff! The names are football-themed, so more action with the beautiful game.

New Troop: Giant Thrower

The Giant Thrower is a great limited-edition troop that adds spice to Clash of Clans. With the special ability upon release, this new troop can deal an amazing amount of damage after hurling a football-like projectile. The Giant Thrower can break open almost every enemy defence, thus making it a good strategic asset for your attacks.

New Spell: Yellow Card

The referee on the pitch! The Yellow Card spell presents a fresh method to gameplay, and control the enemy’s defenses and heroes. Upon its cast, the Yellow Card spell instantly disables a targeted defense or defending hero for 15 seconds. The spell offers players the ability to subdue a threat for a moment, deflect enemy fire, and seize an opportunity when their troops can strike.

Event Rewards

Of course, you play this long event to get the rewards, and this time, we have some amazing stuff. Hero Equipment is back, with the Spiky Ball for the Barbarian King. It deals powerful damage during battles by sending a volley of spiked projectiles towards enemy buildings, dynamite-packing them. The more times it unlocks, the more enemies it slams with every drop.

CoC Erling Haaland rewardsCoC Erling Haaland rewards
Image via Supercell

From the Golden Boot Medals, you can earn rewards as you progress. Players can choose to purchase the event pass for additional rewards, including extra medals, ores, and decorations.

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