MLBB Rising League will take the competitive elements of the game to the next level

In the latest Project NEXT update for Mobile Legends, the developers have introduced an upcoming new Tournament mode that promises a more intriguing gaming experience for players. The new upcoming Tournament mode is called the MLBB Rising League and it has been scheduled to launch in-game by June 2024. This new mode would feature new and flexible participation rules making it easier for players to participate in. Therefore, Let’s check out all the details which players need to know about the upcoming new MLBB Rising Mode and its amazing features.

MLBB Rising League: Tournament Features and How to participate

The upcoming MLBB Rising League is developed to allow all MLBB players to have a thrilling first-hand experience of competitive Esports and tournaments. The MLBB Rising League is, however, divided into 3 main stages:

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  • Qualification stage
  • Breakout stage
  • Team clash stage

Qualification Stage

To participate in the Qualification Stages, players must simply play ranked matches to complete Qualification tasks. On completing the Qualification tasks via playing ranked matches, players would qualify and would be able to participate in the Breakout stage.

Breakout Stage

The breakout stage is only accessible after the player has completed all the tasks from the Breakout stage which includes Qualification tasks and Second-Chance Challenge Tasks. Players will complete these tasks and would be granted Server-wide Tournament Entrance Tickets. These tickers can be used to participate in the Breakout stage matches.

Breakout Stage matches are only available on Weekends and it doesn’t require a team to join. Solo players can have fun doing what they do best as they would only be matched with players within the same progress bracket, making it intriguing for both teams. However, during this stage, players can only play a limited number of matches.

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Players must also note that during the Breakout stage, on running out of participation tickets without becoming the Champion, they shall retain their Bracket progress and would only have to continue the following week.  The Stages before reaching Team Match are shown below:

Street C –> Street B –> City A –> City AA –> City S –> Team Match Cup

Each weekly Breakout stage consists of an 8-team Elimination bracket where the final team would be the crowned Champion. On accumulating many Breakout wins, Players would attain a much higher Breakout level which guarantees more exclusive rewards and prizes. Some of the rewards obtainable in this stage include Flag Change Cards and an exclusive Champion’s Return Spawn effect.

Team Clash Stage

This stage consists of the matches played within the Breakout stage before becoming the final Champion.

Final Thoughts

Even though, all this is still under design and improvements by the Developers. This new tournament mode sure promises a lot of fun rewards and intriguing competitive gameplay for players. As all would love to be crowned The Next Esports Star! If you are looking for more useful MLBB content, check these articles.

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