Clash of Clans teases a possible collaboration with football legends Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Aguero

If you were blown away by the surreal collaboration with Erling Haaland, then the news I am sharing right now is something to be amazed of. In their recent post on Twitter, Clash of Clans featured the football legends Ronaldo, Aguero, and Ronaldinho immersed in the strategy game. It appears to be a hint at potential future collaborations, leaving us all in awe.

Clash of Clans’ Erling Haaland collaboration might pave the way for new adventures

The May 2024 season was pleasantly surprising for all the fans involved, with the Clash of Clans bringing the beautiful game to life in a title that it was least expected for a collaboration with. The Erling Haaland season kicked off plenty of new events and opportunities to earn rewards, and currently, it has been a huge success.

I actually thought this to be a brilliant idea and also thought that having collaborations with popular faces currently would be a great idea to push beyond the boundaries and also fetch more players to the game. Clash of Clans appears to be on the same wavelength, teasing something massive with three iconic football forwards.

Although the video sarcastically portrays that no collab is going to happen stating “not available”, there is no way they will rope in stars just for the sake of an ad. Just like how we got to see Erling Haaland skins, we might get to see some exclusives for the listed players too, imagine King Ronaldo skin, Champion Aguero, and Warden Dinho in Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans Erling Haaland coverClash of Clans Erling Haaland cover
Image via Supercell

When do these collaborations happen? I can’t answer. Will all be featured together? It might be a possibility as well. For now, I can only say these are exciting times to be a Clash of Clans fan!

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