L3E7 is a brand new location-based game with Cyberpunk vibes and NFTs

On the other side of the sun, in an area of space called Lagrange 3, there’s a perfect facsimile of planet Earth. This planet is the cyberpunk counterpart of our world, having been created by a highly developed cosmic civilization. Every building and landmark in more than 10,000 cities has been recreated in 1:1, but they all look incredibly cool. In addition, these places are teeming with bosses, artifacts, and other sci-fi goodies.

That’s the starting premise of L3E7, a new game in development by a studio made up of some of the most successful developers in the business, with credits on several AAA games. This is their first project as a team, and they’re aiming high. Based on what we’ve observed, it appears that they may succeed.

Roam around the town, fight monsters in this

L3E7 is a location-based game with some RPG elements, and it’s being made with Web3 in mind. Not only does it boast impressive 3D visuals, a vast sense of scale, and multiplayer elements, but it’s also on the blockchain. In terms of gameplay, L3E7 has you battling monsters in actual locations by using data from Google Maps and engaging with other players. You can play it on your mobile or at on your PC.

As you play, you will be rewarded with tokens that you can trade and exchange with other players. You will also engage in synchronous PVEVP battles where your goal is to outplay other players in order to defend Earth’s landmarks. There are several different characters to collect, all of them rendered—like the world itself—in fantastically vibrant and detailed 3D.


As you inflict damage, rank up, and grow your stable of heroes, you’ll be able to create more powerful formations and earn ever greater rewards. And, because L3E7 is on the blockchain, some of the rewards you obtain will be in the form of NFTs -unique virtual objects that you can collect, trade, and sell. NFT holders can even take a share of the game’s profits, adding a thrilling new dimension to the gameplay. 

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