Versus, a new action title gets early access for Android in India

Versus is a new action title brought to you by AstroTech Studio Private Limited. The game, Versus has now received early access in India and will be available for Android. There is no information regarding its release for iOS as of now.

Versus will aim to deliver a fighting game experience featuring legendary heroes from India’s greatest epics

Versus will feature legendary heroes from India’s greatest epics and will you battle it out with other players in the game. The heroes in the game will be featured from the great Mahabharata and The Ramayana. The game will follow its own lore as well, as you will have to gather the heroes and take down Narakasura and his evil influence in the game.

The game will feature not only the epic and famous heroes from our history but also the relatively unknown ones. Needless to say, each character in the game will come with their unique style and it will allow you to experiment and enhance your approach in the game accordingly.

Versus early access, VersusVersus early access, Versus
Image via AstroTech Studio Private Limited

This also diversifies the gameplay for each character in the game. Master the art of fighting fiercely by unleashing epic special moves, executing attack combos, and mastering skills that are heavily inspired by the lore of these well-known heroes

The game will feature bonds and companionship as never seen before, you will see old enemies uniting and old friends fighting against each other in this Dharma-buddha. As a new threat arises, new relationships may arise as well.

Duryodhana, the formidable leader of the Kauravas, may unexpectedly align with your mission for dissolving the greater threat that lies ahead. It will be your duty to align a new set of heroes to challenge the evil empire set by Narakasura and Shakuni.

Versus, as of now is available for players to access on Android via Google Play

The game, Versus has now received early access for players on Android in India and will be available to access via Google Play. No information is available regarding the game’s release for iOS, hence stay tuned for further updates.

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