List of Events, Challenges, Tournaments, and Rewards

In Clash Royale, there are lots of events and tournaments every week. They change depending on the season and other things. Let’s talk about the fun stuff such as events, tournaments, and challenges players can compete in the Clash Royale May 2024 Season 59. There are events, challenges, and tournaments that reward cool stuff. It is important to keep up to speed with what’s going on so you don’t miss out. Let me help you explore what’s coming up!

Clash Royale May 2024: Events, Challenges, and Tournaments


With a new Spell arriving with Void with the Card Evolution of Wizard, it is safe to guess what the events in this season will feature. This season’s events will extend to June 3, the last day of the Season until the next Clash Royale update.

1. Void Unleashed

Clash Royale May 2024 EventsClash Royale May 2024 Events
Image via Supercell

Featuring the latest spell Void, this event will be a spectacular one where you can access the card’s features even without unlocking it.

2. Wizard Evo Draft

The new evolution card will be seen to get some play, especially with the Wizard highlighted in a draft gameplay setting.

3. Spell Cauldron

A special event name here, so maybe we will be getting some spell-boosted arena. We shall wait and see.

4. Magical Trio

The Wizard Family will be featured in this final event, where we might see some magic in the arena.


Following each event, there are usually challenges that last for three to four days. This season, there will be five challenges for players to enjoy.

1. Void Unleashed

This challenge is based on the Void Unleashed event and will run from May 10 to 13.

2. Wizard Evo Draft

Clash Royale Season 59 coverClash Royale Season 59 cover
Image via Supercell

This challenge is based on the Wizard Evo Draft event and will run from May 17 to 20.

3. Spell Cauldron

This challenge is based on the Spell Cauldron event and will run from May 24 to 27.

4. Magical Trio

The final challenge is based on the Spell Cauldron event and will run from May 31 to June 3.


There will be two tournaments running as usual.

1. Standard Royal Tournament

From May 11 to 15, we will have the Standard Royal Tournament which will be live for you to participate.

2. Triple Elixir Royal Tournament

From May 25 to 29, there will be the Royal Tournament happening live. In this tournament, there will be a Triple Elixir battle taking place in the arena.

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What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 59 May 2024 Events and Challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

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