Squad Busters unlocks Ultra Characters with a big update ahead of its Global Release

Supercell‘s Squad Busters is getting ready for its global release. Squad Busters is getting its four-star Ultra characters, some quality-of-life changes, new stuff in the plaza, shop improvements, and more in this new update ahead of the much anticipated global launch on May 29, 2024.

Ultra characters in Squad Busters are arriving in this update

Since the soft launch, the game only has three evolution forms of characters – Baby, Classic, and Super. Now there will be another form – Ultra. While it is not very easy for the majority of the players to reach that yet, the top leaderboard players are getting closer to that. So announcing this major update just before the global release will be fresh air for the players.

Squad Busters Ultra troopsSquad Busters Ultra troops
Ultra Troops in Squad Busters (Image via Vadowki Squad Busters / Supercell)

To unlock an Ultra character in Squad Busters, you’ll need 1000 baby units. This sounds crazy, but it is the way. To make the process of gaining new units faster, there will be limited-time 2x drop events once in a while.

Important balance changes to prepare for the global launch

During this testing time, Supercell realised that there are some troops that are not so useful compared to others. To adjust this, there are also some balance changes to adjust to abilities, HP, and attacks. Please find the details below.

  • Goblin is getting +100 HP
  • Chicken is getting +100 HP
  • Archer Queen is getting +100 HP
  • Witch is getting +100 HP
  • Shelly is getting +100 HP
  • Nita is getting +100 HP
  • Max is getting +100 HP
  • Colt is getting +150 HP
  • Bow is getting +150 HP
  • Wizard is getting +150 HP
  • Medic is getting +200 HP
  • Dynamike is getting +200 HP
  • Pam is getting +200 HP
  • Tank is getting +200 HP
  • Penny is getting +200 HP
  • Mega Chicken is getting +500 HP

Plaza Decorations

The plaza in Squad Busters is opening for the first time. You’ll be able to collect hammers through events, shop and buy them for your plaza to make it beautiful. These are pure cosmetics and do not add any other value.

Squad Busters PlazaSquad Busters Plaza
Squad Busters Plaza (Image via Supercell)

Changes to Mega Units

Mega Units in Squad Busters is getting the much-needed adjustments. You’ll no longer get them in the first two minutes of the game. If your squad size is decent and you’re placed well among the 10 players then chances of getting a mega unit will be very less. On the other hand, if you are close to getting busted or your troop strength is weak, your chance of getting a mega unit will be increased. And one player can have one mega unit in one match.

Other Changes

  • Royal Ghost now drops better rewards
  • Tree Giant now drops Log spell
  • The chest ticket timer now doesn’t reset if you buy chest tickets from the shop
  • Your next battle squad will now be better with more unlocked characters
  • Turbo recharges faster
  • More golds towards the second half of the match
  • Loot boxes give one more coin
  • Referral program to earn rewards inside the game

Not only this, Squad Busters will also release its new world, Ice World at the end of June with 3 new troops and 4 new mods.

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