Rogue Assault May 2024 update revamps the user experience, game progression, and more

KIXEYE is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking update to War Commander: Rogue Assault this May 2024, set to transform the gaming experience for new and veteran players alike. This significant overhaul focuses on enhancing accessibility and enjoyment by revamping the game’s progression system and first-time user experience.

Streamlined Progression and Economic Model Enhancements

At the heart of the War Commander: Rogue Assault May 2024 update is a complete rework of the game’s economy, aimed at simplifying and speeding up player progression. Benjamin Cann, the executive producer, highlighted the extensive community involvement in shaping this update, emphasizing the removal of progression bottlenecks that had built up over the years.

War Commander Rogue Assault updateWar Commander Rogue Assault update
Image via KIXEYE

Now, critical and common technology items, as well as equipment upgrades, solely require thorium, streamlining the resource management process. Moreover, all defensive building upgrades will utilize metal, eliminating the previous requirement for both metal and thorium, further simplifying resource use.

Key Features of the War Commander: Rogue Assault May 2024 Update

The update introduces several enhancements designed to improve the overall user experience:

  • A Refined Tutorial for New Players: The onboarding process for new users has been redesigned to be quicker and more intuitive, ensuring players can dive into the game’s depth with ease.
  • Economic Adjustments: The recosting of all units addresses inflation issues within the game, significantly reducing the cost of units and making gameplay more accessible.
  • New Looting Framework: Adjustments to the looting system now make it a primary source of resources, encouraging more dynamic and strategic gameplay.
  • Enhanced Quickmatch Algorithm: Improvements to the matchmaking system ensure a fairer and more competitive environment for players.
  • Free Unit Blueprints: In a major shift, all new unit blueprints will be unlocked for free, provided players meet the necessary building requirements, fostering a more equitable playing field.

War Commander: Rogue Assault continues to captivate with over 16 million installs and more than one billion battles fought. This update reinforces KIXEYE’s commitment to enhancing the strategic and operational aspects of the game, ensuring that both new entrants and seasoned strategists find fresh challenges and reasons to engage.

War Commander Rogue AssaultWar Commander Rogue Assault
Image via KIXEYE

As players around the globe continue to build their empires and forge alliances, the May 2024 update promises to redefine the tactical landscape of this beloved mobile strategy game.

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