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As we step into May 2024, I suggest let’s pause to explore the latest developments in the realm of mobile gaming. April 2024 was packed with thrilling developments, from hot new game releases to major industry movements. So, in this article, I aim to give a comprehensive look at all the thrilling gaming experiences the previous month had in store for us with this Monthly Mobile Gaming News Roundup for April 2024.

Monthly Mobile Gaming News Roundup for April 2024

Week 1: April 01 to April 07

Executive Summary

The first week of April 2024 saw Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill opened pre-registrations for its sequel, while Project RUN by NetEase entered early access. Exciting news emerged as CD PROJEKT Group hinted at mobile versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher. MOONTON Games expanded its esports partnership and settled disputes with Riot Games. Home, Planet & Hunters announced a beta test as Suika Game and The Bear – A Story from the World of Gra geared up for releases, respectively.

Avatar: Realms Collide launched early access, and SHIFT UP teased a new urban sci-fi RPG. Arc Tracker: Pendulum and DOFUS Touch debuted, while Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes headed to PC. Super Monsters Ate My Condo returned, and Bullet Echo India soft-launched. Square Enix reorganized, and Cooking Wonderland Global softly launched, offering varied gaming experiences for enthusiasts.


Once Human Boss Monsters CoverOnce Human Boss Monsters Cover
Image via NetEase Games
Where Winds Meet game coverWhere Winds Meet game cover
Image via NetEase
  • SHIFT UP announces new AAA urban sci-fi action RPG: SHIFT UP is developing a new AAA urban sci-fi action RPG for Mobile, PC, and Consoles.
  • Arc Tracker: Pendulum released: Arc Tracker: Pendulum, a new puzzle title, is now available on Android and iOS.
  • DOFUS Touch relaunches globally: DOFUS Touch, a free-to-play MMORPG, is now available globally on Android and iOS.
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes PC: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the turn-based strategy RPG, will be coming to PC via the EA App for Windows this summer.
  • Super Monsters Ate My Condo relaunched: Super Monsters Ate My Condo, the beloved BAFTA-nominated mobile game, relaunches globally on Android and iOS.
  • Bullet Echo India soft launch: Bullet Echo India, the battle royale from KRAFTON and ZeptoLab, receives a soft launch for Android and iOS.
  • Square Enix undergoes reorganization: Square Enix undergoes reorganization, with the Dragon Quest Producer set to head the mobile games division.
  • Cooking Wonderland Global soft launched: A new casual title Cooking Wonderland Global soft launches on Android in selected regions

Week 2: April 08 to April 14

Executive Summary

Mobile gaming news in the second week of April 2024 was limited, but some notable industry movements included Codenamed Breaking Dawn gears up for a China launch, while XCOM Legends faces closure. On a brighter note, Builderment Idle and Slash Quest celebrate its official launch on Android and iOS. Fans anticipate Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance as pre-registration begins, along with Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt.

Mecharashi offers early access for sci-fi RPG enthusiasts, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi engages with gaming creators to boost India’s gaming scene. Meanwhile, Blood Strike achieves a milestone with over 30 million downloads. Battle of Mighty Troopers debuts on Android, while Epic Games takes legal action against Google. Clash Island: Save the Dwarves and LOST: Guardians of Alicia enter early access, and Amikin Survival: Anime RPG starts pre-registration.


mecharashi cover imagemecharashi cover image
Image via Zilong Games
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets gaming creators: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets India’s top gaming creators, sharing his vision to revolutionize gaming in India.
  • Blood Strike surpasses 30 million downloads: Blood Strike from NetEase Games achieves over 30 million downloads worldwide.
  • Battle of Mighty Troopers released: Battle of Mighty Troopers, an action title, officially launches on Android.
  • Epic Games files injunction against Google: Epic Games takes legal action against Google over store policy reforms.
  • Clash Island: Save the Dwarves early access: Clash Island: Save the Dwarves, a strategy title, enters early access on Android.
  • LOST: Guardians of Alicia early access: LOST: Guardians of Alicia, an RPG title, enters early access in selected regions for Android.
  • Amikin Survival: Anime RPG pre-registration: Amikin Survival: Anime RPG, a creature-collecting survival RPG, begins pre-registration.
  • Slash Quest Now Available on Android and iOS: Slash Quest, a premium indie action-adventure title, is now available on Android and iOS.

Week 3: April 15 to April 21

Executive Summary

The third week of Mobile gaming news in April 2024 kicked off with soft launch of Neon Runners in Indonesia as Wild Rift ceased esports support for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, marking a shift in focus. Rovio’s Moomin: Puzzle & Design has announced the end of development, but on a brighter note, Hamster Inn, Dark and Light Mobile, and Pilgrims rolled out their official launches.

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG expands its reach to iOS after a successful Android release, while Olympics Go! Paris 2024 gears up for launch. Auroria: A Playful Journey opens pre-registration in the SEA region. In less favorable news, Spy Pet faces allegations of selling Discord data, raising concerns about online privacy. Lastly, Top Troops: Adventure RPG announces an exciting collaboration with MrBeast.


Olympics Go! Paris 2024Olympics Go! Paris 2024
Image via nWay
  • Olympics Go! Paris 2024 Launch Date Announced: Olympics Go! Paris 2024, the official mobile game for the Paris Olympic Games, is set to launch on June 11, 2024.
  • Auroria: A Playful Journey Pre-registration Open in SEA: Auroria: A Playful Journey, a mobile game inspired by Palworld, is now available for pre-registration in the SEA region.
  • Spy Pet Reportedly Selling Discord Data: Spy Pet, an online service, is reportedly archiving and selling Discord data.
  • Dark and Light Mobile Officially Launches: Dark and Light Mobile, an adventure title, has officially launched on both Mobile and PC platforms.
  • L3E7 announced: L3E7, a brand new location-based game infused with Cyberpunk vibes and NFTs.
  • Top Troops: Adventure Mr. Beast Collaboration: Top Troops: Adventure RPG announces a collaboration with MrBeast, featuring a limited-time event.

Week 4: April 22 to April 28

Executive Summary

AeroMayhem PvP: Air Combat Ace, Super Dragon Punch Force 3, Text Express: Word Adventure, and SaGa Emerald Beyond soared onto Android and iOS, while Flame of Valhalla ignited interest with pre-registration openings. Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire descended upon India’s mobile gaming scene. Zenless Zone Zero, Arthdal Chronicles: Three Factions. Spirit of the Island, and LEGO Hill Climb Adventures invited players to pre-register for upcoming adventures.

Garena prepared to relaunch Free Fire in India, and Supercell soft-launched Squad Busters in select regions as Age of Sea embarked on a soft launch. Raven 2 opened pre-registration in Korea, and Quest Dragon commenced its open beta. Zombie State entered the fray, while NetEase Games introduced Powerdise in early access. The conclusion of the GamingonPhone Conference Online 2024 marked a grand finale to a week packed with gaming excitement.


Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying TestZenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test
Image via HoYoverse
  • Garena Relaunches Free Fire India: Garena is set to relaunch Free Fire India with servers set in Mumbai.
  • Squad Busters Soft Launch: Supercell’s awaited action title Squad Busters soft-launches in select regions.
  • Moba Legends: 5v5 Announcement: Moba Legends: 5v5 is the official Indian version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  • NFL 2K Playmakers Launch: NFL 2K Playmakers, a tactical card battler, gets an official launch on Android and iOS.
  • Crystal Knights Official Launch: Crystal Knights, a new RPG title, gets an official launch for Android and iOS.
  • Tencent’s Dungeon and Fighter Mobile Launch: Tencent’s new action RPG, Dungeon and Fighter Mobile, is set for an official launch on May 21, 2024.
  • Arthdal Chronicles: Three Factions Launch: Netmarble’s new MMORPG, Arthdal Chronicles: Three Factions, debuts in select regions.
  • Spirit of the Island Pre-registration: A new adventure title, Spirit of the Island, is now available for pre-registration on Android.
  • Age of Sea Soft Launch: Age of Sea, a build-and-develop strategy title, has entered soft launch for Android in the US.
  • Raven 2 Pre-registration: Raven 2, Netmarble’s sequel to the hack-and-slash RPG hit, is now open for pre-registration in Korea.
  • Quest Dragon Open Beta: Quest Dragon: Idle Mobile Game by Loongcheer Game has started its open beta phase on Android.
  • Squad Busters Global Launch: Squad Busters, developed by Supercell, is set for a global launch on May 29th, 2024.
Squad Busters, Squad Busters baby, Squad Busters wallpaper, Squad Busters EvolutionSquad Busters, Squad Busters baby, Squad Busters wallpaper, Squad Busters Evolution
Squad Busters Baby Forms (Image via Supercell)
CookieRun: Tower of Adventures pre-registrations, CookieRun: Tower of AdventuresCookieRun: Tower of Adventures pre-registrations, CookieRun: Tower of Adventures
Image via Devsisters Corporation

Week 5: April 29 to April 30

Executive Summary

Mobile gaming news in the last two days of April 2024 wasn’t much to discuss, but the Clash of Clans announcing an exciting collaboration with football sensation Erling Haaland was a major highlight. In other news, Phoenix Games made headlines with its acquisition of India-based PopReach Games.


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