Blue Archive unveils Main Story Vol.5 Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1

Prepare for a new chapter in the tactical RPG, Blue Archive, with the launch of Main Story Vol.5 Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1, “Like the Flower That Wishes to Bloom.” This latest installment transports players to the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy during its illustrious Cherry Blossom Festival, complete with summer fireworks and relaxing hot springs. Join the Hyakkaryouran Resolution Council, a group on the verge of dissolution, as they navigate disputes and work towards reviving their club’s legacy.

Engage in Strategic battles and meet new Characters

Blue Archive Vol.5 Hyakkaryouran not only continues the saga of Sensei and his students but also introduces new allies and deepens the game’s engaging tactical combat. As the story unfolds, players will encounter fresh faces ready to join the fight against ongoing threats in the bustling academy city of Kivotos.

Blue Archive Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1 Update 1Blue Archive Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1 Update 1
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In this new episode, players will meet Yukari, a sniper-rifle-wielding Sonic-type Striker from the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy. Yukari brings a unique set of skills to the battlefield, including a Basic Skill that boosts her damage for 30 seconds and an EX Skill named Blooming Resolution, which delivers powerful area damage and critical hits based on her Invocations.

Discover additional Storylines and Anniversary Celebrations

Alongside the main storyline, Blue Archive introduces a narrative featuring the Yin-Yang Club, the academy’s unofficial student council. Starting May 21, players can recruit the dynamic duos of Saori and Hiyori from Arius Squad, and rifle-toting sisters Shun and Kokona from Plum Blossom Garden, enhancing their team with new capabilities and firepower.

Furthermore, in celebration of Blue Archive’s 2.5 Year Anniversary, Nexon is hosting a special web view event from May 18 to May 19. This festival will unveil daily episodes detailing the event’s preparations, and players logging in during this period will be rewarded with 200 Pyroxenes each day, enhancing their gameplay experience.

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