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As April is coming to an end soon, we will look at some upcoming future releases in May 2024 in Mobile Legends. It is going to feature numerous skins and events, alongside the highly-anticipated Promo Diamonds event. Sadly, there won’t be any new hero release in May. But a new mage hero Zhuxin is on the horizon, which should be released in June 2024. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the different leaks, events, and skins that will be dropping in May 2024 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends May 2024 Leaks: Upcoming skins for May 2024

May 2024 Starlight skin

The May 2024 Starlight skin will be titled “Fashion Mogul” skin and the lucky hero to possess this skin will be Nolan. Nolan is a powerful burst damage assassin hero capable of utilizing rifts to burst down enemy targets.

Nolan Mobile Legends May 2024 Starlight Pass Game CoverNolan Mobile Legends May 2024 Starlight Pass Game Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

Nolan’s starlight skin has cool effects and portrays him as a fashion enthusiast paired with fancy but deadly blades. These cool skin features are mostly observed when Nolan creates rifts on the battlefield making a glaring and intriguing visual experience. The skin effects are even well observed when players obtain and use Nolan’s Bonus painted skin.

Khaleed ‘Wave Strider’ Epic skin

Khaleed 'Wave Strider' Epic skinKhaleed 'Wave Strider' Epic skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Finally, a new Epic Skin for Khaleed has been scheduled to be released in May 2024. It is expected to be released on the 7th of May, 2024. The new epic skin should be titled Wave Strider and it showcases Khaleed having fun surfing on tidal waves. The skin would cost 899 diamonds, however, players can make use of the first-week discount to buy the skin for as low as 629 diamonds.

Alpha ‘Mecha-King Perseus’ Collector Skin

Alpha 'Mecha-King Perseus' Collector SkinAlpha 'Mecha-King Perseus' Collector Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

The Cyborg fighter, Alpha will be debuting with a new Collector Skin in May 2024. This new collector is titled Mecha-King Perseus and is going to be available for grabs in the Grand collection event. It would also debut alongside 2 other previously-existing collector skins owned by heroes, Wanwan and Vale. This skin has intriguing visual effects and exclusive skin effects that make it a worthy collector skin. This new collector is one of the Aldous’s best skin yet, so it is a good choice for the Alpha mains. To find out the list of Collector skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please refer to this article.

Lesley Annual Starlight Skin

Lesley Annual Starlight SkinLesley Annual Starlight Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Lesley, the Annual Starlight skin is expected to be added to the list of annual Starlight skins available for purchase in the Starlight Shop. The annual starlight skin would be available for grabs for the cost of 5000 starlight fragments. Do note, that players can only obtain this skin if they’ve purchased that month’s starlight pass.

Mobile Legends X KOF Phase 2 Recharge event

Mobile Legends X KOF Phase 2 Recharge eventMobile Legends X KOF Phase 2 Recharge event
Image via MOONTON Games

The new set of MLBB X KOF Skins collaboration events that debuted in April 2024 will still be running in May 2024. As we may recall, the event featured the following skins:

More importantly, the phase 2 recharge event of this KOF event will be released and running from the 4th of May, 2024.

Mobile Legends May 2024 Leaks: Upcoming events for May 2024

Diamonds Bonus Event

This is a new upcoming event that allows players to obtain free Epic skin just by recharging 100 diamonds. This skin is quite intriguing as it allows players to get some of their dream skin that might be featured in the event. The event also prioritizes unowned skins whenever players choose the Role of the Epic skin they want. The event is expected to be live in the Original server as of June 2024.

Exorcist Skins event

Mobile Legends Exorcist Skins eventMobile Legends Exorcist Skins event
Image via MOONTON Games

After being delayed for several months, the exorcist skins event has finally been scheduled to return in June 2024. It is scheduled to return with 2 extra new Exorcist skins for Granger and Hayabusa. The following are the skins expected to be released when Exorcist debuts in June.

  • Exorcist Yu Zhong
  • Exorcist Kagura
  • Exorcist Hayabusa
  • Exorcist Granger

Each of these skins will cost 1200 Exorcists Crests and will be available for grabs when the event debuts. The event would also have 2 recharge phases to allow players to get extra free tokens. The event is expected to release on the 18th of May, 2024.

Coupons Pass Event

The new upcoming Coupons event allows players to obtain Coupons worth up to 1800 diamonds just for purchasing the upcoming Coupon Pass. These Coupons can be utilized whenever players want to purchase buyable skins, thus resulting in the purchase of cool skins at a much cheaper price.

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