Age of Sea, a build-and-develop strategy title gets a soft launch for Android in the US

Age of Sea is a build-and-develop strategy title that gets a soft launch for Android in the United States. The game brings a mix of survival, building, and adventure to the table.

Survive the rising water levels with your strategic planning in Age of Sea

Age of Sea is a survival and adventure game where meteor showers, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels have submerged most of the Earth. Starting as a castaway, you will have an abandoned raft as your home, where you need to survive by increasing its size. The plot is just the game’s beginning, and later, you will be progressing further with your usual base-building gameplay.

Age of Sea GameplayAge of Sea Gameplay
Image via VENUS PLAY

Crystals are a must for survival and further development, which you can get with meteor showers bringing in some mysterious crystals. Freshwater is your only means of survival since the seawater gets purified. But managing freshwater becomes a challenge when you expand your home, faced with crises such as heat waves. You will gradually expand your raft by gathering logs and crafting wooden planks.

You will find various buildings on scattered rafts that offer functionality like logging, fishing, processing, and entertainment. Moving further, small animals become your helpers, tasked to log, fish, and cook. They create an automated resource production line, leaving you to focus on home construction and exploration. Indulge in underwater adventures to find rare materials required for upgrading structures.

Well, if you have found the premise interesting, you can get the soft launch version of Age of Sea for Android via the Google Play Store if you are from the United States. Neither the game’s iOS release nor global launch details are known now, so keep an eye on this space for more info as it arrives.

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