Raven 2, Netmarble’s sequel to the hack-and-slash RPG hit opens pre-registration in Korea

Raven 2 from Netmarble has now opened pre-registration in Korea on both Android and iOS platforms. The game aims to bank on the success of Raven, now called Raven: Eternity, the 2015 hack-and-slash RPG.

Experience dramatic storytelling and immersive cinematics with Raven 2

Raven 2 invites players into an evolved MMORPG adventure. Success builds upon a successively promising atmosphere, which is also here where players play as special forces in the mood of a dark fantasy realm. From the description, the makers have mentioned that the world-building this time would be bigger than the prequel, so the gaming experience will be surely off the charts.

Raven 2 gameplayRaven 2 gameplay
Image via Netmarble

Thanks to Unreal Engine, from the visuals I have seen in the Raven 2 showcase, the game boasts high-quality graphics in which the dark fantasy world looks beautiful, with those dark-themed battles stealing the show. Central to the game is the Heaven Stone, a powerful artifact players must wield against dark forces, so scenarios of each combat and fast-paced battles make you experience the game in a much more fascinating way with rich storytelling.

These large-scale battles will be reminiscent of Raven’s signature style, so if you have played it, you might love this even more. Overall, with high-quality cinematics and immersive storytelling, Raven 2 takes mobile gaming to new heights. If you are from Korea, you can pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store and App Store for your Android and iOS devices respectively.

However, the details regarding the global pre-registration for Raven 2 are not known yet. From the iOS store listing, there is a potential release date of May 31, 2024, which might be catering to the Korean audience only, but given that this game holds high potential, the global release might follow soon.

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