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Reliable sources have confirmed the introduction of Jade in Honkai: Star Rail, generating excitement among players with recent drip marketing and her reveal as the next character after the Firefly banner in version 2.3. Jade, an upcoming 5-star character aligned with the Quantum element on the Path of Erudition, has been teased on official channels, sparking discussions on Twitter. This article will delve into Jade’s abilities and gameplay leaks in Honkai: Star Rail, drawing from trustworthy sources for detailed information.

Personally, I am one of the people who are eagerly awaiting Jade’s debut, attracted by her captivating appearance and intriguing qualities. We will discuss Jade’s Voice Actor, Abilities, and Eidolon leaks in HSR, offering insights into her unique playstyle and potential team synergies.

Who is Jade in Honkai: Star Rail

Jade in Honkai: Star Rail is a senior manager within the IPC Strategic Investment Department and a member of the Ten Stonehearts. Her Cornerstone is known as the “Jade of Credit.” Among the Ten Stonehearts, some notable members include Aventurine and Topaz, both of whom are limited 5-star characters introduced in earlier versions.

Honkai Star Rail JadeHonkai Star Rail Jade
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Described as a cold and elegant moneylender, Jade possesses a keen understanding of the human psyche. She has a personal hobby called the “Bonajade Exchange” and excels at patiently waiting for high-value acquisitions. Additionally, she is skilled at extracting value from clients who may initially appear to be in a destitute state.

When is Jade coming to Honkai: Star Rail

Jade’s official drip marketing campaign was observed on April 24, 2024, just ahead of the highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 2.2 update, which is set to bring new characters, achievements, and more. While Jade has appeared in earlier versions, this suggests the possibility of her debut in the upcoming 2.3 update of Honkai Star Rail, following the Firefly banner and expected to launch in Early July 2024.

This timing follows the trend of introducing new updates and anticipated leaks, including reruns and characters from previous versions. It’s likely that Jade will be prominently featured in the second phase of the 2.3 update as the primary character in the limited banner.

Who is Jade’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, Jade is voiced by different actors in different languages. Faye Mata voices her in English, Zhang Ruoyu in Chinese, Mitsuishi Kotono in Japanese, and Kim Soon-mi in Korean.

English Faye Marta
Japanese Mitsuishi Kotono
Chinese Zhang Ruoyu
Korean Yu-Hye Ji

Each actor brings Jade’s character to life in their own unique way, making her memorable for players worldwide.

Jade Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Jade in Honkai: Star Rail has a strategic playstyle focused on supporting allies and dealing Quantum damage. Her Nephrite skill boosts an ally’s attack and speed while allowing Jade to deal extra damage. She gains Credits from enemy attacks and uses them to unleash powerful follow-up attacks.

Additionally, Jade’s Technique can blind enemies, providing tactical advantages for the team. She works well in teams by enhancing allies’ abilities, dealing damage, and controlling the battlefield with her debuff.

Basic Attack

Inflicts Quantum damage on a single target and adjacent targets.


Applies the Nephrite effect to one ally. Nephrite’s duration decreases by 1 at the start of Jade’s turn. Only one ally can have the Nephrite effect at a time. When the ally with Nephrite attacks, Jade deals additional Quantum damage to the targets. If the Nephrite ally isn’t Jade, it also boosts the ally’s speed, but drains a percentage of their max HP, reducing it to 1 if necessary. In auto combat, this skill prioritizes Erudition path characters.


Deals Quantum damage to all enemies and gains Enhanced Follow-Up charges. When Jade follows up, if she has Enhanced Follow-Up charges, she consumes one charge to deal extra damage.


When allies with Nephrite attack, each enemy hit gives Jade Credits. Using Basic Attack or Ultimate also grants Credits per enemy hit. These effects can trigger simultaneously but only once per enemy per attack. Upon reaching a certain Credit count, Jade unleashes a follow-up attack, dealing Quantum damage to all enemies. Additionally, for each enemy on the field, Jade gains a stack of Jadeite, boosting her ATK. This effect remains even after enemies leave or are defeated, and Jade gains more Jadeite stacks with each follow-up attack, though there’s a limit to the stacks.


Upon entering the overworld, Jade summons a following entity that blinds nearby enemies, rendering them unable to detect your team. Additionally, Jade shoots a bullet at an enemy, applying an effect to herself and all enemies upon entering battle if the bullet hits a blinded enemy.

Jade Eidolons

Enhancements to Jade’s Eidolon are vital for boosting her effectiveness in gameplay. These upgrades grant her various buffs and amplify her damage output, particularly as she inflicts more damage through her Nephrite abilities.

Although specifics regarding her Eidolon remain scarce, relying on leaks from DimBreath, there is significant excitement for forthcoming revelations. As we eagerly await more information, this section will be revised to delve deeper into Jade’s Eidolon and its impact on her tactical approaches in gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Jade’s abilities, including her Nephrite skill and Quantum damage, suggest a versatile and strategic playstyle in Honkai: Star Rail. While details about her Eidolon and further gameplay enhancements are eagerly anticipated, leaks hint at exciting possibilities for enhancing her performance and team synergy. I myself will look forward to exploring Jade’s full potential and strategic possibilities once she makes her debut in the game.

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