NFL 2K Playmakers, a tactical card battler gets an official launch on Android and iOS

NFL 2K Playmakers is a brand-new tactical card battler from 2K Games that gets an official launch on Android and iOS platforms. The game was first named as NFL 2K – Card Battler when it was made available for early access on Android in the Philippines.

Test your strategic card skills with NFL 2K Playmakers

In NFL 2K Playmakers, players assemble their dream teams with hundreds of American football players’ cards featuring their favorite NFL superstars. Gameplay enhances the collection; upgradeable equipment on the cards makes a difference. Play cards fill out your playbook and strategize towards a victory on the field.

One thing to look forward to is the NFL Draft thanks to the Play it Forward mode, where you earn the top star players for your team by avoiding potential penalties. Special draft packs will be available for a limited time, and draft bonus picks will assist you in getting the perfect roster for a Super Bowl Championship.

Prove your skills against the world in the Red Zone Drives or follow along on the Season journey. As you dominate your opponents, prove your place in the history of the NFL. In addition, NFL 2K Play brings more real-world, data-driven game modes than ever. Your player cards are directly tied to real NFL results to earn points. The bragging rights are yours: Who will make the best decisions?

If you found the premise interesting and have an interest in the sport or the card genre, you can get NFL 2K Playmakers on both Android and iOS following its official launch, via the Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

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