War Robots celebrates its 10th anniversary with new content, exciting cinematic, and more

MY.GAMES is commemorating the 10th anniversary of War Robots, the mobile multiplayer shooter crafted by their in-house studio, Pixonic. Since its inception in 2014, the game has experienced steady expansion, evolving into a comprehensive franchise and attracting a substantial global following.

In honor of War Robots’ 10th Anniversary, the Pixonic team has organized a significant in-game event, introducing fresh content and captivating cinematic experiences that delve deeper into the game’s lore. Additionally, they are hosting the traditional War Robots Live Show, where developers will share announcements and insights, along with releasing new merchandise for fans to enjoy.

War Robots surpasses 270 million players, hits $900M revenue milestone

As of the present day, War Robots has garnered over 270 million registered players and amassed revenue exceeding $900 million. In 2023 alone, the game saw over 28 million installations across various platforms. Presently, War Robots boasts a monthly user base of up to 5 million, with approximately 600 thousand users logging in daily.

The game enjoys global popularity and consistently ranks among the top 5 shooters in revenue across key markets such as the US, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, and Korea. The North American market stands out as one of the largest for War Robots. Since its launch in 2014, players from the US and Canada have actively engaged with the game, becoming integral parts of its community.

War RobotsWar Robots
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In the US, War Robots secured a position in the top 5 revenue-generating shooter games in 2023 and ranked in the top 3 in Canada. Over the years, the US has consistently been the leading region in terms of the game’s global player base, with 33 million registered accounts (equivalent to approximately 10% of the country’s population) and generating over $350 million in gross lifetime revenue. In 2023 alone, US players installed War Robots 2.4 million times, with around 600,000 active monthly players.

Combined, the US and Canada contribute to over 15% of War Robots’ global player base and account for more than 40% of its lifetime revenue. In 2023, players from these two countries participated in approximately 150 million matches, destroying around 500 million robots.

The evolution of War Robots captivates fans

Upon its debut, the game emerged as Walking War Robots, eventually shedding the “Walking” to become War Robots. Although its metrics didn’t meet contemporary standards initially, it swiftly cultivated a devoted fan base, motivating the team to continuously enhance it. The perpetual evolution of the game aligns with Pixonic’s operational ethos, significantly shaping War Robots’ evolution.

Initially equipped with only six robots, nine weapons, and one map, the game has since burgeoned. Fast forward to 2024, boasting over 83 robots, 15 Titans, 149 weapons, 106 Legendary Pilots, 14 distinct maps, PvP and PvE game modes, leaderboards, and a myriad of other crucial features. Moreover, in 2020, War Robots underwent an extensive and ambitious remaster, involving the complete overhaul of 80+ robots, 100+ weapons, maps, VFX, and the addition of graphic settings.

War Robots 10th anniversary updateWar Robots 10th anniversary update
Image via MY.GAMES

Presently, the game receives a minimum of nine major updates annually, with the team committed to ongoing experimentation and innovation. Another significant milestone for War Robots occurred with its launch in China in 2024, following years of diligent effort by the team. The game has showcased promising performance in this new market, swiftly ascending to the top 5 shooters in the region.

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