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Every two months, Garena, the brain behind Free Fire, unveils the latest version of its flagship game. Before the official release, players get a sneak peek through the Advanced Server, a privilege reserved for a select group Garena chose. While the Advanced Server is free, securing a spot can be competitive as applications are limited. Currently, registrations are open for the first Free Fire Advance Server coming in January 2024, signaling the start of testing before the official launch.

Registration steps for the Free Fire Advance Server for April 2024

Registrations have begun for the forthcoming Advanced Server. Every user is welcome to register for the Advanced server, and registration is free. However, not every user will be able to use the Advanced Server because there are only a certain number of seats accessible.

The advanced server is handled as a distinct application, so the original Free Fire doesn’t need to be uninstalled. It is important to check if one has enough memory and storage. This is because the APK is expected to be larger than 1GB. Also, after the advanced server testing time is up, all players will be locked out. Despite this, you can still use your account to play the main game.

Free Fire OB39 updateFree Fire OB39 update
Image via Garena

Only registered users are permitted to play on the Advance Server, as previously stated. Therefore, to sign up for the advanced server, gamers only need to follow a few straightforward steps:

1. Enter the Registration Website

Click this link to enter the registration page. This is the official advanced server website where players will be filling in some details later. Find “Login via Facebook” and click on it.

2. Create a profile by logging in with Facebook

Next, you have to only log in via Facebook with a bound Free Fire account. The next step is to enter a name, contact email, and phone number to be redirected to the APK download page afterward.

3. Download the APK File for Free Fire

After successfully entering all the fields, the APK Client download page should appear along with the .apk file link. That’s it! Now, wait for the Activation code, and then you can launch the Free Fire Advanced Server.

The Gmail ID and in-game UID, which are primarily used to provide the activation code of the advanced server and gain awards for identifying bugs/glitches, can be entered by players to quickly register. You can download the APK again and repeat the installation process if you discover during the process that there was a problem parsing the package.

Free Fire AlpineFree Fire Alpine
Image via Garena

The server is expected to launch on January 5th when the new download link for the Free Fire Advanced Server January 2024 APK becomes accessible. However, to use the additional functions, only those with an Activation Code will be able to access the client. It must be typed into the Advanced Server to access it.

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