Watcher of Realms April 2024 update brings a new hero Edith, exciting events, and more

MOONTON, the developer of Watcher of Realms, is set to introduce a formidable new hero named Edith along with additional thrilling content for various game modes in the April 2024 update. Players can anticipate a remarkable summoning event featuring Khamet and Edith, the captivating game mode Gear Dungeon, and the unveiling of a new boss titled The Furious Torrent in Immortal Codex. Engaging in these events and game modes presents an opportunity for commanders to acquire generous rewards.

Get Edith with 15x Rate UP in Watcher of Realms April 2024 update

The arrival of the new hero, Edith, is greeted with enthusiasm. Renowned for her formidable tanking abilities, Edith offers crucial damage mitigation buffs to allies while dealing significant blows to adversaries. Additionally, her arsenal includes a potent knockback skill. Utilize Edith’s strengths to triumph over the formidable bosses within Immortal Codex and Gear Dungeon.

Watcher of Realms April 2024 update EdithWatcher of Realms April 2024 update Edith
Image via MOONTON

Watcher of Realms introduces a summoning event featuring Edith. From April 19 to April 22, participants have an increased chance to summon both Edith and the formidable mage Khamet, with their rates boosted by 15x.

Watcher of Realms unleashes a new challenge in immortal codex

The game developers at Watcher of Realms are set to introduce a fresh challenge to players of Immortal Codex by unveiling a new boss known as The Furious Torrent. This formidable adversary possesses the ability to conjure tridents around its vicinity, with its damage output increasing in correlation to the number of tridents present. Additionally, The Furious Torrent can periodically mobilize a legion of airborne monsters sporting light armor. Players are encouraged to confront Pelagios, enhance their rankings, and reap bountiful rewards.

Furthermore, Gear Dungeon is scheduled to reopen on April 24th, inviting players to once again engage in this demanding game mode. By vanquishing the new boss and overcoming obstacles, players stand to acquire additional Mythic Gear and Variant Gear.

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