Teeny Tiny Trains, a rail-connecting puzzle from Short Circuit Studio gets an official launch

Teeny Tiny Trains, a puzzle game that combines strategy with railway connectivity, gets an official launch on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is an offering from Short Circuit Studio, which has previously given us games such as Tiny Connections, Teeny Tiny Town, and others.

Teeny Tiny Trains is a fun railway puzzle that offers fantastic obstacles

Speaking about the game, we get to embark on a rail journey with Teeny Tiny Trains, where you take the helm as the conductor of a miniature railway empire. With this, you can craft strategic tracks to guide your tiny trains through a myriad of puzzles and challenges. This is a simple offering, yes, but the serene ambiance of relaxing music and stunning visuals is something I suggest you not miss.

Teeny Tiny Trains gameplayTeeny Tiny Trains gameplay
Image via Short Circuit Studio

You can gain an understanding with the visuals I shared, the gameplay looks neatly crafted and doesn’t burden you with complexity. But you can’t say about the puzzles it has, surely. With each level presenting unique obstacles, test your wit and wisdom to keep your trains on the right track. Well, that is part of the fun!

Unleash your creativity with a built-in level editor, allowing you to design and share your railway masterpieces. As you conquer levels, unlock new elements to expand your railway empire and showcase your prowess in strategic decisions, making Teeny Tiny Trains a delightful escape into the world of railway adventure.

Teeny Tiny Trains can be downloaded on both Android and iOS following its launch, but to get the full version, you need to go with an in-app purchase of $4 and then unlock more obstacles and features.

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