Assemble, the 5v5 MOBA gets an official launch for Android and iOS in select regions

JUMP: Assemble, an action-packed 5v5 MOBA co-published by DeNA under Program Twenty Three has finally begun its release phase, with the game officially getting a launch for both Android and iOS in select regions including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.

JUMP: Assemble brings together your favourite anime characters in multiplayer battles

From the cover itself you can recognize how the game is going to be, which is like an “Avengers” feel but this time for anime characters being involved. The game was announced last year, and it quickly began a closed beta test for Android in the Philippines which our team did get their hands on and played the game.

JUMP: Assemble BuyonJUMP: Assemble Buyon
Image via DeNa

JUMP: Assemble brings together iconic manga characters from Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, and trust me, that universe is massive. Since this is a MOBA, characters are key. Each one has its own abilities, strengths, and stats, making them special. As an anime enthusiast, I’m drawn to the opportunity to control characters like Goku with his Kamehameha or Luffy and his Gum-Gum Rocket attacks.

The next talking point is its electrifying gameplay modes. The game offers more than just classic MOBA matches where you can engage in 5v5 ranked team battles, intense 3v3v3 Dragon Ball showdowns, and other game modes. Hence, this is a wonderful chance for you to play the game if you love fast-paced multiplayer action with anime characters.

As mentioned earlier, players from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macao can head to their respective app stores, be it Google Play Store on Android or App Store on their iOS devices to download and play the game for free. The global launch details of JUMP: Assemble aren’t out yet, so keep an eye on updates on this space.

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