Powerdise, a new casual title gets early access in selected regions for Android

Powerdise is a new casual title brought to you by Exptional Global, the new global publishing arm of none other than NetEase Games. The game, Powerdise, has now received early access in the Southeast Asian region including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. It will also be conducting closed beta tests on Android from April 26 to May 2, 2024. There is no information regarding either the iOS version or the global release yet.

Powerdise aims to deliver a casual experience where you can explore the city and engage in Sky Arena cube wars

The game, Powerdise will aim to deliver a casual gaming experience where you can explore the city which is full of mysteries and mini-events with your friends, or you can participate in the Sky Arena Cube Wars which is the main attraction of the game. Sky Arena Cube Wars is the traditional tournament in the city where you have to work as a team with your friends and make sure that you cooperate as a team to fulfill the team objectives.

Powerdise early access, PowerdisePowerdise early access, Powerdise
Image via Exptional Global

The main goal of the Cube Wars is to make sure that you destroy the enemy cube which allows the players to respawn. Once the Cubes are destroyed, the players can no longer respawn and the team with the most number of players alive at the end of the round wins the whole round. In the game, you can utilize special skills and weapons, which will give you a boost over the enemies in the game. There are over 20 different items, each with unique features present during the rounds and you can choose the best of the weapons according to your needs.

There will be traps spread across all the maps as well which you can use to your advantage and gain a strategic advantage over your enemies. There are thunderstorms, fog, and zero-gravity bubbles that will randomly appear on the battlefield at random times, be sure to strategize well and make sure that you get the advantage over the enemies. There are multiple challenges for you to challenge your friends against, including team battles, brawls, mystery box openings, and many more.

Android users from selected regions can start joining the action starting now

The game, Powerdise is now available for you to download and access on your Android devices in selected regions. Powerdise can be accessed via Google Play, there is no info as of now regarding the iOS version, hence stay tuned.

Powerdise early access, PowerdisePowerdise early access, Powerdise
Image via Exptional Global

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