List of upcoming Hero Equipment

Hero Equipment for Clash of Clans has been an integral part of changing the way of viewing battles or participating in them, and since then, we have some amazing new techniques and combinations to choose from. However, the interest lies in when the next equipment will be coming, so I will be listing out all the upcoming Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans, be it from the Leaks or official announcements.

List of upcoming Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans with their December 2023 update introduced a more customization-focused Hero Equipment feature that lets you choose what special abilities your Heroes use in battles. You can compare it to some RPG games where you can allot different types of skills for your character alongside their fixed skill, and in CoC, Hero Equipment serves the same purpose.

This deviates from your previous Hero abilities and comes as a refurbished feature. It activates from Town Hall 8, so it will start from Barbarian King and till the last unlocked hero Royal Champion.

As I mentioned earlier, the upcoming list I shared might

1. Spiky Ball

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Hero: Barbarian King

This is the currently confirmed Hero Equipment rarity, coming to Barbarian King. According to the description from the leaks, the Spiky Ball equipment helps the Barbarian King to launch a ball filled with spikes, smashing through buildings and obstacles in its path with destructive force. This might be a very strong piece of equipment considering the others we have.

2. Super Archer Puppet

  • Rarity: Unknown
  • Hero: Archer Queen

The Super Troop might be making an appearance with this one, and of course, by the name itself will be making an appearance for the Archer Queen. With the new Hero Equipment, it summons a team of highly skilled archers to aid in battle, providing additional firepower and support to your Archer Queen. I might see this coming in very handy with the invisibility spell.

3. Magic Mirror

  • Rarity: Unknown
  • Hero: Archer Queen

This is a unique Hero equipment for the Queen, and from the description, this seems to be very interesting. What this Equipment does is it creates exact replicas of the Archer Queen, adding more fighting power to your side as they engage the opponent’s defenses during your attacks. Well, I am not sure if we can trigger another equipment ability with this, but if yes, it is going to be overpowered in my opinion.

4. Olympic Torch

  • Rarity: Unknown
  • Hero: Barbarian King

Carry the torch, for the King! This Hero Equipment ignites fire around, which helps the troops in close proximity of the King’s range boosted with increased agility, speed, and resilience, enhancing their attacking abilities and survivability for a brief period, which details are unknown currently.

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