Mahjong Soul x Blue Archive Collaboration brings themed characters, outfits, and more

The collaborative event linking Mahjong Soul and Blue Archive has commenced. Blue Archive, a subculture RPG mobile game crafted by Nexon Games, joins forces with Mahjong Soul in this exciting venture. Mahjong Soul players can now access four exclusive collaboration characters, special collaboration attire, and time-limited collaborative decorations through the latest update. Engaging in this collaborative event provides players with opportunities to earn rewarding event prizes.

Mahjong Soul and Blue Archive collaboration introduces the School Fes Frenzy event

All players are warmly encouraged to participate in the collaborative event dubbed School Fes Frenzy. This event introduces a fresh match mode called Soul Punch, along with a time-limited narrative. Departing from traditional mahjong mechanics, this new gameplay involves players consecutively discarding six tiles upon declaring Riichi, until they either draw a winning tile or another player makes a call on the discarded tile (including Ron), adding extra excitement to the Riichi declaration.

The event runs for a limited time from April 16th to May 7th, 2024 (UTC-7). Engage in ranked matches or Soul Punch matches to collect event tokens and unlock event rewards.

Blue Archive girls dive into Mahjong Soul world

Four young women hailing from the Blue Archive unexpectedly find themselves thrust into the world of Mahjong Soul, where they embark on a delightful encounter with the inhabitants of the Mahjong Soul Shrine. Among them is Shiroko, the athletic field captain of the Abydos Foreclosure Task Force. Despite her reserved demeanor and lack of outward emotion, Shiroko’s loyalty lies primarily with Abydos High School.

Hoshino, on the other hand, serves as the vice president of the Abydos Student Council and also holds the position of president within the Foreclosure Task Force. Though she often presents herself as a weary elder and enjoys playing pranks, her dedication to protecting her friends during missions is unmatched. Aru, the self-proclaimed leader of Problem Solver 68, has expanded the club’s activities at Gehenna Academy without authorization, delving into illicit dealings.

Aspiring to portray herself as a suave villain, Aru’s frequent blunders consistently betray her true intentions. Mutsuki, the chief of staff within Problem Solver 68, contrasts sharply with Aru by fully embracing mischief and chaos. Despite this, Mutsuki remains one of Aru’s closest confidants, understanding her friend’s bravado even when she doesn’t necessarily agree with it.

Limited-time collaboration series and decorations unveiled

Throughout the event, the shop will also unveil a special collaboration line of attire called The Flowery Charms Series, designed for the four collaboration characters. This presents a unique opportunity to adorn the girls of Blue Archive in exquisite qipao attire. Moreover, players can obtain exclusive collaboration decorations for a limited time via the character pool, featuring Winning, Riichi, Riichi Bet, Tile Back, and Tablecloth.

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