Star Rail Reveals 40 New Achievements for the version 2.2 update

The highly awaited version 2.2 update of Honkai Star Rail promises exciting additions. I know you’re eagerly looking forward to new quests, character banners, and events. Recently leaked details about Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 achievements shed light on how to unlock them and reveal stellar jade rewards and more.

Make sure to also check out my guides for the Tides of War event and Simulated Universe World 9 from version 2.1. Moreover, players can look forward to new characters like Robin, Boothill, and an updated Trailblazer with the Harmony Path and Imaginary element. With leaks hinting at their abilities and gameplay, excitement for the game’s future is soaring.

HSR New achievements for version 2.2

I discovered that Version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail is set to introduce between 40 to 60 new achievements, primarily revolving around the new content introduced in the update. These achievements will focus on elements from the vibrant Penacony Map, new characters, and main quests.

With the highly anticipated debut of Robin, Boothill, and the Harmony Trailblazer in version 2.2, some achievements are expected to be related to these exciting characters.

Honkai Star Rail Dreamjolt TV day 2 guideHonkai Star Rail Dreamjolt TV day 2 guide
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These achievements will be tied to specific criteria related to the new characters and recent leaks regarding events and enemies. Notably, leaks have hinted at the existence of unnamed achievements with unclear conditions. As more details become available, we’ll update this section accordingly.

Achievement How to Obtain Stellar Jades
Wind at Your Back, World in Your Sight Complete the mission “Back in Business: Epilogue” and witness Mingxi’s journey 5
Elysian Balloon Break the special Boss Stone balloon at Dreamflux Reef 5
Second Balloon Eruption Break the special Boss Stone balloon at Scorchsand Audition Venue 5
A Post-Balloon Odyssey Break the special Boss Stone balloon at Penacony Grand Theater 5
New Penacony Dreams Open Treasures 300 times in Penacony 10
Higher Speed, Higher Blood Sugar Eat all the SoulGlad items in the Fast & Furynuts challenge located at the Scorchsand Audition Venue 5
Chirp… I Can’t Move Anymore Help 100 Origami Bird(s) return to the Great Tree. 5
Audition Wonderhouse Discover any hidden challenge on the Audition Special interface 5
Legendary King of Audition Successfully triggered a total of #1 Audition Special hidden challenges 5
Disqualified! Break all Boss Stone balloons in the Audition Plaza 5
First Blood Complete the Hanu Wars challenge for the first time 5
Think Twice Before Doing After placing Bubble Bridge on the Dream Module, move the Dream Module away without passing through the Bubble Bridge 5
Wolflike Rebound every piece of Boss Stone’s coins in any “Way of the Wolf (End)” stages 5
Old Wolf Homecoming Complete all “Way of the Wolf (End)” stages 5
Like a Wolf Arrives! Defeat Boss Stone in any “Way of the Wolf (End)” stages without rebounding any coin attacks 5
Twentieth Blood Complete all Hanu Wars challenges 5
How Many Drops Are We At Now? Complete all Hanu Wars challenges flawlessly 5
Armor-Piercing Bullet Hit #1 targets with a single shot in Hanu Wars 5
The Crocodile Enemy Defeat Steely Gator in the final stage of Hanu’s Adventure 5
Goodbye, Hanunue Collect all Hanu’s Adventure story book 5
Final Blood Defeat all enemies for the first time in Hanu Wars 5
Hanu’s Legacy Find the hidden treasure in the Festivity Auditions’ Gunfire Trial 5
Za Warudo! Defeat #1 enemies using Clock Time in Hanu Wars 5
The Birth of Hanu Union Help all the billboard staff escape in the Brother Hanu’s Great Heist Commercial for Dreamjoy Memoir 5
SoulGlad Ambassador Step across all SoulGlad Floor Tiles in all maps in the Bubbly Clockie Commercial for Dreamjoy Memoir 5
The Wonderful Wizard of Dreamville Ensure that all shots perfectly meet the director’s requirements in the Dreamjoy Ascension Commercial for Dreamjoy Memoir 5
Saturation Bombing Defeat #1 of Boss Stone’s minions at once in a Hanu’s Adventure stage 5
In the Name of The Family Help Family members retrieve all the stolen goods 5
Going Dutch Let Boothill and Aventurine fight over taking the bill ※ In the same battle, trigger Aventurine’s Skill 1 voice line and Boothill’s Battle Begins: Weakness Break voice line 5
JACKPOT! Make Dreamjolt Troupe’s Fortune Seller produce “Here’s the Gold!” once 5
Soap Opera Have #1 characters in a sleeping state after an action from “Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords” 5
Passion Play Use one character to take all DMG from “Past Confined and Caged”‘s ability, “Desmios Evangelion” without being knocked down 5
Ensemble Piece In the first phase of “The Past, Present, and Eternal Show,” cause #1 enemies to take turns and become Impresario 5
One-Act Play In the second phase of “The Past, Present, and Eternal Show,” the enemy team uses “Dance for Sole Codex” at most once 5
Literary Fragment After “Present Inebriated in Revelry” enters the Charge state, interrupt its Charging 5
Duration of a Song Listen to Robin’s singing ※ In combat, view Robin for more than #1 seconds in Checking Mode after using Robin’s Ultimate “Vox Harmonique, Opus Cosmique” 5
Pied Piper of Hamelin After using Robin’s Technique “Overture of Inebriation” in exploration, attract #1 or more enemies to follow 5
Ultimate Dance Move! In combat, use the Backup Dancer effect of Trailblazer: Harmony’s Ultimate “All-Out Footlight Parade” to defeat an Elite Enemy 5
Russian Roulette In combat, ally Boothill accumulates a total of #1 stacks of Pocket Trickshot within 1 turn 5

In Honkai Star Rail version 2.2, there are achievements with undisclosed descriptions, possibly linked to new events, fresh enemies, and characters.

Honkai Star Rail BoothillHonkai Star Rail Boothill
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Additionally, version 2.2 will bring limited-time events with unique challenges and activities for players to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Version 2.2 of Honkai Star Rail brings 40 new achievements. These achievements motivate players to engage deeply with the updated content and features. This also encourages exploration of Honkai Star Rail’s expansive universe.

Aligned with the main quest and latest additions, these achievements offer rewards that aid progression. This also deepens players’ understanding of the game world. Pursuing and completing these achievements not only unlocks progression but also grants valuable rewards.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 achievements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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