a playful journey is a mobile game inspired by Palworld, now available for pre-registration in SEA region

Auroria: a playful journey or simply Auroria, is a mobile game inspired by Pocketpair‘s Palworld, now available for pre-registration in the SEA region.

However, from the discussions online, it seems that Tencent Games is collaborating with HK Hero Entertainment on the title, potentially making it one of the discussed titles inspired by Palworld that’s currently in development.

Since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, we at GamingonPhone contacted Tencent to verify.

Auroria brings a fantastic sci-fi feel to the pet-taming adventure

Auroria is a game where you embark on an epic adventure through the vastness of space. If I remember correctly, a game titled Project Stars/Outerland was in early access in the SEA, and it seems to be the same title with some extra additions and a name change, although the confirmations are none currently.

Auroria gameplayAuroria gameplay
Image via HK Hero Entertainment

You’ll encounter a myriad of interesting alien creatures that you can befriend, train, and ride across a variety of colorful landscapes, similar to Palworld. Work together with your cosmic pals to complete tasks and face challenges. You are allowed to use your creativity to build and customize your unique corner of the universe, from cozy homes to advanced technology.

Get to discover and explore distant planets teeming with mysteries and wonders. But be prepared for danger as hostile creatures and treacherous environments threaten your journey. The game comes with powerful weapons and protective gear to defend against the unknown. As you progress, uncover the secrets of the cosmos and forge your path as a legendary adventurer.

If you ask me, with endless possibilities and thrilling encounters waiting, Auroria: A Playful Journey promises an unforgettable experience that will keep you exploring for hours on end. Currently open for pre-registration on Android via Google Play Store, more details regarding the iOS page or the launch of Auroria aren’t known yet.

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