Clash of Clans April 2024 update to bring a new Pet, new levels, Chat Tagging, and more

Clash of Clans is picking up some pace in bringing some interesting updates to the game, and no doubt that, they have been doing it pretty well. With some info out there, no doubts about the title gearing up on another update this April 2024, which will be bringing a plethora of new features to Clash of Clans for players to enjoy. We will see a new Pet, new levels for Troops and Buildings, a feature to tage players in Chat and more in the CoC April 2024 update, which I will cover all the necessary info for you.

Clash of Clans Upcoming April 2024 Update: All new features explained

New Pet: Angry Jelly

Well, the teases of an octopus tentacle turned out to be for a new pet, and it is the Angry Jelly! Unlocked at Town Hall 16 and with a Pet House upgraded to level 10, this flying pet boasts a unique ability called Brainwash, whereupon deployment, the hero’s attention is steered towards the enemy’s defenses.

New Pet Angry Jelly Clash of ClansNew Pet Angry Jelly Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

Angry Jelly single-targets both ground and air units, having its priority on the hero’s selected target, and, being attached to the chosen hero, is immune to direct damage and traps until the hero falls. Angry Jelly then transforms into a regular troop and is fully subjected to attacks and trap triggers.

Level Hitpoints Damage per Second Ability Duration (seconds) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)
1 1,450 112 25
2 1,525 121 25 225,000
3 1,600 130 25 235,000
4 1,675 139 25 245,000
5 1,750 148 30 255,000
6 1,825 157 30 265,000
7 1,900 166 30 275,000
8 1,975 175 30 285,000
9 2,050 184 30 295,000
10 2,125 193 35 315,000

New Levels: Defenses, Buildings, and Troops

Few of the Defenses, Buildings, and Troops have got new levels, so let’s discuss what’s coming.

New Defense and Building Levels

New levels for five buildings in the game, so more upgrades to follow!

Name Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
Clan Castle 12 21,000,000 Elixir 15 days 12 hours
Builder’s Hut 6 20,000,000 Gold 15 days
Eagle Artillery 7 22,000,000 Gold 15 days 12 hours
Monolith 3 370,000 Dark Elixir 16 days
Pet House 10 21,500,000 Elixir 16 days

New Troop Levels

Yeti and Electro Titan get new levels considering Elixir troops, whereas Ice Golem gets a much-needed Level 8 upgrade.

Name Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
Yeti 6 21,000,000 Elixir 15 days
Ice Golem 8 360,000 Dark Elixir 15 days 12 hours
Electro Titan 4 22,000,000 Elixir 16 days

New Siege Machine Levels

Only Flame Flinger benefits from a new level.

Name Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
Flame Flinger 5 19,000,000 Elixir 13 days 12 hours

Clan Chat Tagging

Some interesting social features have popped up in CoC with this April 2024 update. With this April 2024 update, Clan members can tag others by typing “@” followed by a specific tag in the clan chat. This way, players can catch the attention of their Clan Leaders or other members. Some social media feel for sure!

Clan Chat tagging CoCClan Chat tagging CoC
Image via Supercell

There are three types of tags available currently:

  • @clan: Notifies everyone in the Clan.
  • @leaders: Notifies all Co-Leaders and the Leader.
  • @player_name: Notifies a specific player.

Players can disable receiving notifications by adjusting their settings in the game. Head over to Settings > More Settings > Notification Settings > Clan Chat Tagging to toggle your option.

Defensive Layout for Builder Base

Similar to the Clan Capital feature, players can now select a separate Defensive Layout in Builder Base. This allows players to decorate their active layout without disadvantaging themselves in defense. Here are some details:

April 2024 CoC updateApril 2024 CoC update
Image via Supercell
  • The Defensive Layout must contain all buildings and traps from the active layout.
  • It is unselected if certain conditions are met, such as editing the layout without placing all required items.
  • Defensive Layout is temporarily disabled if obstacles obstruct buildings and traps, but can be re-enabled by removing the obstacles.

Clan Castle with 2 Siege Machine Donations

Now, with the new Clan Castle level, players can donate two Siege Machines instead of just one. This improvement allows for donations and requests of two Siege Machines instead of one. The update allows players to bring up to five different Siege Machines to battle.

Within a clan, a maximum of two siege machines that have been donated can be contributed by a single clan member. Alternatively, two donated siege machines can be made by two clan members. In case both happen to be of the same type, they will both be available as options. The table gives you an overview.

Clan Level Troop Donation Limit Spell Donation Limit Siege Machine Donation Limit
1-2 6 1 1
3 8 1 1
4-5 10 2 1
6-7 20 2 2
8 30 3 2
9 and above 50 3 2

Some changes are going to take place coming to Clans, be it the new functioning of it, perks, wars and also the Clan Capital with this CoC April 2024 update. I will explain them below.

Changes to Clan Games

Changes have been made in selecting the weight of certain Builder Base tasks, and now there is more probability of showing Home Village tasks. Besides, new tasks have also been added that help win battles by using selected Hero Equipment.

Changes to Clan Perks

The perks within the clan have been increased to let each individual player donate more troops, spells, and siege machines with increasing limits based on the Clan level.

Changes to Clan Wars and new War Sign-Ups system

Clash of Clans April 2024 update brings changes to War Rewards and a new signup system. Now, Town Hall 16 Villages will get 6 Starry Ore instead of 5. Loss Rewards, as well as the Tie Rewards, have been pumped up in Clan Wars. Further, 35 vs 35 and 45 vs 45 Wars have been unlocked again, and the war roster selection screen now shows every clan member’s last time they’ve been online.

Clan War Signup CoCClan War Signup CoC
Image via Supercell

Alongside it, we have a change where Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can place a Clan War Sign-Up in the Clan Chat and pick who will take part in the next war. Sign-ups may be pinned and won’t be removed until the war begins. This is a small yet wonderful change according to me.

Changes to Clan Capital

Change has occurred in Clan Capital as well. They include raising the loot limit per attack and enabling scaling defensive bonuses with the remaining hitpoints for deployed units.

That’s all for the April 2024 CoC update. Read other articles while I update more info on this space as we get to know about it from the developers

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