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MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. One such event that is live now in MONOPOLY GO is the Sweet Relief Event, in which we will explain everything you need to know regarding the details such as participating in it, milestones, and the rewards you will earn.

Sweet Relief Event in MONOPOLY GO!

The Sweet Relief event officially began on April 14, 2024, and is scheduled to run for two days. Players can earn points and rewards by landing on designated tiles, enabling them to collect Sweet Relief tokens.

Monopoly Go Sweet Relief Event RewardsMonopoly Go Sweet Relief Event Rewards
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To qualify for rewards, we need to land on specific corner tiles namely Free Parking, in Jail, Go to Jail, and Go. Landing on each of them will grant you four tokens each. To maximize your points, the strategic use of dice multipliers is essential, so I suggest using them based on your dice rolls present.

MONOPOLY GO Sweet Relief: Milestones and Rewards

The Sweet Relief event is anticipated to be another mega event, featuring 43 Milestones and offering a total of 12,330 dice rolls. This includes a significant milestone at the end, promising 6500 dice rolls for 6000 points as I’ve shared.

Milestone Points Required Rewards Earned
1 5 15 Dice Rolls
2 10 Cash Prize
3 15 Sticker Pack
4 80 120 Dice Rolls
5 15 Cash Prize
6 20 Sticker Pack
7 25 10-Minutes Rent Frenzy
8 180 225 Dice Rolls
9 30 10-Minutes Cash Grab
10 35 Sticker Pack
11 40 60 Dice Rolls
12 50 Cash Prize
13 300 350 Dice Rolls
14 55 Cash Prize
15 50 5-Minutes Cash Grab
16 60 Cash Prize
17 70 Sticker Pack
18 600 700 Dice Rolls
19 70 Cash Prize
20 80 Sticker Pack
21 100 Cash Prize
22 1200 1100 Dice Rolls
23 150 15-Minutes High Roller
24 140 Cash Prize
25 175 160 Dice Rolls
26 850 Cash Prize
27 200 Sticker Pack
28 300 250 Dice Rolls
29 350 Cash Prize
30 1600 Sticker Pack
31 500 Cash Prize
32 600 Sticker Pack
33 400 10-Minutes Cash Boost
34 800 Cash Prize
35 2500 2000 Dice Rolls
36 1000 Sticker Pack
37 800 20-Minutes High Roller
38 1100 Cash Prize
39 2200 Cash Prize
40 1300 850 Dice Rolls
41 2000 Sticker Pack
42 1400 Cash Prize
43 6000 6500 Dice Rolls

With the event now live, I say, no time to waste! Let’s elevate our strategy in Monopoly Go and explore every opportunity available during this event.

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