Sylvanas’ History In WoW, Explained

Quick Links The Fall Of The Lich King Few characters in World of Warcraft are as famous (or infamous) as Sylvanas Windrunner. She starts her story at the lowest of the low, as a mere minion of the Lich King, and ends up rising above all, destroying her former master and eventually ruling over one … Read more

The Gathering Ban Up The Beanstalk?

Highlights Up the Beanstalk was banned in Modern due to its consistent draw engine, which allowed players to cast larger spells at a discount and draw cards. The card synergized well with other spells and creatures that had a mana value of five or greater, making it a powerful addition to various decks. While no … Read more

Free Meowscarada, New events and more

As the year is drawing to an end, Pokémon Unite developers are going to be introducing some brand-new battlefield events, sales discounts, and a lot more other events with each promising lots of amazing rewards for players to obtain. The Holiday Period event schedule in 2023 would also feature the release of a new Pokémon … Read more

The Gathering Ban Geological Appraiser?

Highlights Geological Appraiser’s chaining ability with clone effects allows players to quickly build a dominating board presence. The card’s reliability and speed make it difficult for opponents to interact or disrupt the combo. While banned in Pioneer and Explorer, players can still use Geological Appraiser in Modern, Legacy, and Standard, as well as digital formats. … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About December’s Eggs-Pedition Access Ticket

Pokemon Go has introduced Eggs-pedition Access, a monthly ticket that can be purchased in exchange for several features and bonuses to benefit from throughout the month. This includes new active bonuses available throughout the entire month, exclusive Timed Research, and a handful of useful in-game rewards. THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH … Read more

How To Find Out A Sim’s ID In The Sims 4

If you’ve landed here, it’s likely that you’ve just found the perfect cheat for The Sims 4… only to find you’ll need something called a “Sim ID” in order to use it. What the heck is a SIM ID anyway? Well, simply put, a Sim ID is a unique combination of numbers used behind the … Read more