How To Unlock Program X In The Outlast Trials

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There is a final mission and ending to the multiplayer game The Outlast Trials. All your hard work will be worthwhile once you get closer to the end-game. Final trials will be harder than anything you’ve dealt with before, with no access to rigs and the ability to be one-shot. Learning how to survive will be crucial before starting Program X.

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Program X is the final series of difficult missions that will eventually allow you to become Reborn. Below will cover all the basics of how to unlock end-game material and what kind of challenges will be waiting for you.

This article is about Program X Season 1 of Early Access.

The Outlast Trials will produce new final Programs as different seasons as the game grows.

How To Unlock Program X

outlast trials grade a plus in cancel the autopsy end screen with two players

The only way to play Program X is by receiving an overall grade for every Program in the game. For each Program, you will need to complete the main trial, the MK-Challenges, and the two remaining exam versions of the trial.


There are three main trials. Police Station, Fun Park, and the Orphanage.

They will all have two harder difficulties as well as mini-challenges relating to that map.

You get graded individually for every trial and challenge in a single Program. You need each of those grades for the game to produce an overall grade for that Program. Even if Program X wasn’t locked this way, it’s important to complete every single trial in each Program because Program X will be a conglomerate of every trial.

Program X Trials

outlast trials program x grind the bad apples description

Every mission in Program X is a repetition of the same trials you have already completed. The only difference is that they are extremely difficult and offer more rewards as well as progression into the final trial of The Outlast Trials.

The first set of missions in Program X will be every single MK-Challenge from previous Programs. These are the same small mini-trials that introduced new mechanics and allowed you to earn more Credits and experience.

the outlast trials player holding medicine looking at mannequin child in blood

The Program X MK-Challenges will have harder difficulties than before. The first three MK-Challenges in Program X will have Limited Intel, meaning the game will not remind you of the objective or tell you where things are. They will also spawn more enemies who will deal more damage than usual. These first three challenges will have more closed-off doors such as rolling gates and barricades.

The last three MK-Challenges will ramp up in difficulty. They will have the tags Deadly Prime Asset and Stronger Enemies. Prime Assets, such as Mother Gooseberry and Leland Coyle, will one-shot you. Items will also be hard to come by and only be found in locked containers.

Program X Season 1 MK-Challenge Rewards

750 XP, 250 Credits, 1 Release Token, a Cosmetic, and Additional 500 Credits for Grade A

After completing these mini-challenges, you must then replay every main trial on the hardest difficulty. Each main trial will have a special loadout or challenge for you.

the outlast trials mysterious figure on tv screen

If you are playing with a group of people, it is okay to take hits and go down. Your teammates will be able to pick you up all the same. There will always be syringes in each trial, regardless of if items have been removed for difficulty.

When playing alone, you will want to be very strategic and meticulous during Cleanse The Orphans and the three last MK-Challenges, since those are the trials where Prime Assets can one-shot you. The best way to outsmart enemies is by using tools to your advantage, such as darkness, closing doors behind you, and throwing bottles.

It is important to purchase upgrades that will help in these final trials. For example, in Cleanse The Orphans, enemies will have maximum sensitivity to sounds. Amps like Slippers will allow you to step quietly over glass without crouching.

Make sure to purchase Rigs, Amps, and Prescriptions in the Sleep Room.

Program X Season 1 Trials


Kill The Snitch ••

Tags Thief Loadout Increased Threat

Thief Loadout means that you will spawn in with two lockpicks and all items will be behind locked containers. Rig cooldown time will also be increased. You will have to use items wisely and conserve what you can.

Grind The Bad Apples ••

Tags Naked And Afraid Increased Threat

Naked And Afraid makes it so that you have no items available to you other than what you spawn in with. You spawn with one battery, one antidote, and one medicine. You cannot use your rig and there will be nothing to loot in the trial.

Cleanse The Orphans •••

Tags Don’t Make Noise Increased Threat Deadly Prime Asset

Enemies will have increased sensitivity to sound and there will be more sound traps in the game. They will hear your every move and hunt you down unless you are quiet or know how to loop enemies well.

FINAL EXAM: Kill The Snitch ••••••

Tags Maximum Traps Maximum Threat No Intel Limited Hidespots II Unreliable Doors Limited Items II

The very final trial will be a repeat, once more, of the first trial in the game. There will be no one-shot enemies or increased threats, but there will be many environmental barriers that you have to be aware of when traversing the map.

REWARDS (for each trial)

1500 XP, 500 Credits, 1 Release Token, a Cosmetic, and Additional 1000 Credits for Grade A

As you play through these trials, you will earn Release Tokens, which are the blue tokens you see in Rewards.

You need to earn ten Release Tokens in order to finish the game. With ten tokens, you will be able to become Reborn and access the final mission, Reagent Release.

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The Final Mission of The Outlast Trials

the outlast trials release reagent jungle hallway

You may have noticed a part of the sleep room that you cannot access and haven’t even seen anyone go through yet. There is a hallway that looks like a jungle, with leaves and sunlight beaming through. Whenever you try to enter it, metal bars stop you from continuing. This is the path to the last mission.

This hallway is located in the main foyer where you arm wrestle, just underneath the count of Reborn players on the wall. Once you have ten Release tokens by completing Program X, you can speak to the front desk in the main lobby, next to the hallway. This will initiate the final trial.

You cannot play the final mission in a group. You have to complete the final mission by yourself.

The last trial in The Outlast Trials returns you to the house you played the tutorial in. During this mission, there will be absolutely no guidance or intel about what you are supposed to do, and every dangerous foe will be walking around. You will be able to loot items in the final trial.

It is important to note that once you complete the final mission and become Reborn, you can still continue playing the game. Your cosmetics, player level, and progress will stay and continue to grow.

You can become Reborn as many times as you want. Program X will eventually change into the next Season so that you can play a whole new set of challenges.

Reagent Release – Farewell Mansion Walkthrough

outlast trials farewell mansion

  • Deliver personal records.
  • Find 2 matching keys.
  • Tune 3 frequencies.
  • Swap film.
  • Escape.

When you return to the Farewell Mansion, you will be met with the crates you once destroyed. In the tutorial, you destroyed your private life via grinding these crates. Now, you must deliver them.

You are following the same sequence, carrying each crate to the designated desk within the mansion. There is a lever next to the metal gates to your left and right. You must hold down the lever to open the gates and walk through. The rooms you must bring the crates to are on the upper floor where you have spawned. After delivering them, the objective “Who Are You?” will complete.

the outlast trials player searching body for heart key

Your objective will now say, “Hear the words. See the words.” Return to the table where you found the crates. A mannequin will be pointing to the right. Head down the stairs in that direction and you will notice television screens with symbols. Yet again, it’s time to search for bodies to find the two matching keys. This will all take place downstairs.

After finding all the keys and unlocking the gates, you will have to find three frequency boxes to tune. There will be one box each in the two areas you have unlocked.

The last task is to find a film reel. The film reel will be in a random place in the basement. You must bring it to the theatre room to swap. The theatre will be located past one of the gates you unlocked with a key. The third frequency box will still be somewhere on the main level.

Now, the objective “Hear the words. See the words.” will be complete. Your objective will now say, “Rebirth”. All you have to do is escape the mansion by walking out the front doors you once entered from. Go through the back rooms from the tutorial until you meet a door that says Employee’s Only.

Going through the last door will trigger The Outlast Trials ending cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will go through the game introduction again, the tutorial, and must create a new character.

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