The Best Teams Overall In FIFA 23

The latest entry in the FIFA series has been lauded by many as one of the best to come out in quite some time, with FIFA 23 enhancing the importance of its tactical gameplay to make smart passes and crosses all the more important. Many of you will be relieved that simply running at the goal isn’t enough to win — you also need to ensure that you have enough people in the box to open up the goal with a series of smart passes.

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FIFA 23 has updated the ranking for certain teams as well, with many of you selecting the following teams while squaring up against the opposition. Suffice it to say, the following teams boast the best tactics and players around, with both the main and reserve squads being quite incredible in their own right.

Updated on June 2, 2023, by Branden Lizardi: With a good bit of time since the game’s launch, we’ve had plenty of time to really analyze each team’s potential. With that, we have some adjustements to make to our list of the best teams In FIFA 23. We’ve updated this list accordingly, making a few small improvements to formatting and readability while we’re in here. Don’t worry, Manchester City didn’t move as far as you might think.



10 Barcelona (83)

Barcelona in FIFA 23

Barcelona has been through its fair share of financial turmoil following the torrid reign of Josep Bartomeu. The squad was in disarray and it took the firm hand of Joan Laporta and some short-term financial gains to finally help the club be operational again.

That being said, rebuilding Barcelona’s squad will still take some time, and this is something that FIFA 23 has identified as well. As a result, Barcelona has received a lower ranking when compared to its rival, Real Madrid.

9 Chelsea (83)

Chelsea FC in FIFA 23

After winning the Champions League, it was clear that Chelsea was on track to be a dominant team. However, injuries and a poor run of form destabilized the team, with Thomas Tuchel being sacked this year in one of the biggest stories in football.

While Graham Potter is definitely a great appointment, only time will tell if he will elevate Chelsea’s status to a new level. Until that time comes, Chelsea has to remain content with being tied for third place in the rankings for the best club in England.

8 Juventus (83)

Juventus in FIFA 23

Another team that has recently experienced a poor run of form is Juventus. Massimiliano Allegri is a great manager, but his time at Juventus is marred by a string of avoidable and humiliating losses.

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The once-dominant team in Italy has been dethroned by other clubs, so some people might find their rating in FIFA 23 to be somewhat flattering. Only time will tell if the club will be able to justify this rating, although the chances of that happening are pretty unlikely.

7 Bayern Munich (84)

Bayern Munich in FIFA 23

Bayern Munich is the biggest club in Germany and has justified this stop at the top time and time again. The team is a cohesive unit that challenges for both domestic and European silverware time and time again.

The team has gone through a bit of an overhaul, although smart recruiting has led to many young starlets breaking into the first team. Bayern Munich is a force to be reckoned with, and some people might argue that it deserves higher than an 83 rating!

6 Liverpool (84)

Liverpool in FIFA 23

Liverpool reached the Champions League final last season, which is no mean feat. While they did eventually lose to the European giants Real Madrid, there’s no denying that Jurgen Klopp’s team is an absolute beast that deserves all the credit they get.

That being said, Liverpool has been in a slump following the start of this season. Their form has been patchy at best, and it’s very much possible that Klopp’s seventh-season curse has hit the team in a big way!

5 Manchester United (84)

Manchester United in FIFA 23

Most people would be surprised to see Manchester United on this list. The team has been far from its best, even if the appointment of Eric Ten Hag is quite promising and is already reaping dividends.

However, this high rating can be attributed to superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Casemiro being added to the squad. Of course, this is a rather ironic statement given how the former hasn’t really played a major role in the squad since the start of this season.

4 Real Madrid (84)

Real Madrid in FIFA 23

Real Madrid is one of the biggest European clubs around and the current holder of the Champions League, a trophy they’ve won a whopping 14 times. It’s easy to see why they’re rated so highly, with their run to the final last year being nothing short of legendary.

With players like Benzema, Modric, Courtois, and Kroos using their experience to help the young players in the squad grow, it’s easy to see why Real Madrid is such a force to be reckoned with. They might have an overall rating of 84 in FIFA 23, but fans who know football realize that even this rating isn’t enough to show just how much of a dominant force Real Madrid really is.

3 Atletico Madrid (84)

Atletico Madrid in FIFA 23

Out of all the teams on this list, most people would argue that Atletico Madrid doesn’t deserve such a high rating, especially when they’re apparently better than Barcelona according to FIFA 23. Sure, Diego Simeone’s team knows how to frustrate their opponents… but this team is still far from perfect.

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Atletico Madrid is definitely one of the best clubs in Spain, but Simeone is far from at his best right now. This legendary manager has achieved way more with this team, and the current version of Atletico Madrid is definitely a daunting opponent… but not an invincible one by any means.

2 Manchester City (85)

Manchester City in FIFA 23

Manchester City is one of the most competitive clubs in all of Europe. Their penchant for playing beautiful and attaching football is well-known, with Pep Guardiola’s side being a tough opponent for pretty much every team they face.

It’s hard to believe that this club has yet to win the Champions League, given the substantial investment in this squad. With a wealth of incredible players this season, it’s easy to see why everyone is so scared at the prospect of facing City in both domestic and European competitions.

1 Paris Saint-Germain (86)

FIFA 23 Career Dribbling Ball

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most controversial clubs around right now. It seemingly prioritizes players over its managers, which is a recipe for disaster… and perhaps a major reason why this star-studded team is yet to win a Champions League.

That being said, there’s no denying that PSG has one of the best squads in world football. The front three of Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe is more than enough to justify their rating as the strongest team in FIFA 23.

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