How To Find More Shrines In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is teeming with powerful weapons, armor, and other useful items that can help bolster Link’s abilities. Among these are Lights of Blessing, mystical rewards for completing shrines throughout the game’s world.

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Since they can be traded in to unlock additional heart containers and stamina vessels, you must find every shrine to max out Link’s health and stamina. This can prove tricky as many of them are located in hidden areas that can be hard to reach. To ensure you find every shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, keep the following tips and tricks in mind.



8 Unlock The Shrine Sensor

Link standing outside of the Simosiwak Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

One of the easiest methods for finding shrines in Tears of the Kingdom is to unlock the Shrine Sensor, a handy device that will alert you anytime you’re near a shrine. This can be a great way to locate more shrines, even when you’re not actively looking for more.

You can obtain the Shrine Sensor by completing one of the “Regional Phenomena” quests to trigger another one called “A Mystery in the Depths.” Once that quest is completed, you’ll receive the Shrine Sensor and immediately start to hear a beeping noise anytime a shrine is close by.

7 Visit Stables And Settlements

Tears of the Kingdom New Serenne Stable

Throughout your journey in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll visit many different settlements and stables that are set up to accommodate weary travelers. Aside from providing Link with a comfy bed and a place to store his horse, these landmarks are typically close to one or more shrines.

As such, it’s a good practice to stop and survey the surrounding area anytime you come across a new stable or settlement. What’s more, you can take advantage of the amenities these places have to offer to prepare yourself for the shrine’s challenges ahead.

6 Look Above Lightroots

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Looking at a Lightroot in the Depths

The Depths are a new explorable region in Tears of the Kingdom that tasks you with navigating through dark and treacherous environments where the Gloom has taken over. While initially pitch black, this area will brighten up as you deploy Brightbloom Seeds and activate Lightroots.

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The latter of which is useful for locating shrines as Lightroots are meant to mirror an existing shrine on the surface, with the name being the same as the shrine’s, only written backward. With this in mind, any time you discover a new Lightroot, rest assured there is a shrine connected to it up above.

5 Investigate Caves

Link Gliding further down into the depth of the Lindor's Brow Cave in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Caves are nothing new to the Zelda series, but Tears of the Kingdom takes things to new heights by packing them with even more enemies, rewards, and secrets, including shrines. While some caves are harder to find than others, there are a few ways to tell when one is nearby.

If you see a group of enemies set up shop on a hill or cliff, there’s a good chance there’s a cave close by. Also, if you ever come across a Blupee, follow it, as they are known to run in the direction of the nearest cave. Use these two clues to your advantage to find more caves housing hidden shrines.

4 Explore At Night

link soaring across night sky in zelda tears of the kingdom

The easiest way to identify shrines from the overworld is to look out for the greenish swirling rays of light each one emits. These can be harder to see during the daytime when the sun’s harsh light overpowers the shrines’ color.

Therefore, it’s best to sit by a campfire and wait until the night before scouting out your next shrine. This will make it much easier to spot shrines with your naked eye as their greenish hue stands out against Hyrule Kingdom’s night sky.

3 Explore From The Sky

Tears of the Kingdom - East Hebra Sky Crystal - Flying the makeshift air ship (cropped)

Instead of using the time of day to your advantage, this next tip relies on height by way of Tears of the Kingdom’s new Sky Islands. Along with featuring their own set of shrines to seek out, the Sky Islands region can be leveraged to gain a bird’s eye view of any area in Hyrule.

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To do this, simply jump off of any Sky Island and start surveying the area with your Purdah Pad as Link makes his descent. Just remember to save some stamina and pull out your paraglider to avoid taking damage before hitting the ground.

2 Unlock Every Skyview Tower

zelda tears of the kingdom skyview tower

Skyview Towers play a pivotal role in Link’s battle to reclaim Hyrule from the Gloom by allowing him to see every part of the map. They also serve as excellent vantage points for finding shrines in Tears of the Kingdom due to their immense height.

As such, you should be unlocking Skyview Towers any chance you get, as they can reveal new points of interest as well as potential shrine locations. Whenever you’re feeling stuck, try traveling fast to the nearest tower, pulling out your Purdah Pad, and scanning the area.

1 Complete Side Quests And Side Adventures

Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom, Hestu during korok seed dance

While not required to complete Tears of the Kingdom’s main storyline, Side Quests, and Side Adventures can be a lot of fun to tackle as they typically stray from the beaten path. As a result, they can be a great way to explore new areas and potentially reveal a shrine or two.

This is especially true of Side Adventures, which are generally much longer than Side Quests and require you to travel to multiple locations throughout the world. Even if you don’t stumble upon a shrine, your hard work will be rewarded with inventory upgrades, new clothing, etc.

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