Ninja Sage v0.22.9 APK MOD [Update]

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Name: Ninja Sage
Version: 0.22.7
Root: No

Mod features:
☠️ㅤOne Hit Kill (Mission Room)ㅤ☠️

Install Steps:
If you already have an account, go to step no. 3

1. Download original game from APK Link below
2. Create new account with original game
3. Remove original game
4. Download & install mod APK
5. Enjoy 😎

Battle Tips:
1. Use gear and skills with the same level or close to the character’s level.
ㅤeg. character lv. 10 :
ㅤㅤ- Weapon lv. 10
ㅤㅤ- Skills lv. 9
ㅤㅤ- Back item lv. 1 or higher
ㅤㅤ- Accessories lv. 1 or higher
2. Do not fight enemies with a higher level than you, unless:
ㅤ- Event or Exam
ㅤ- your level is 25 or higher
3. Complete missions and battles with time intervals, 30s – 1 minutes.

One Hit Kill Daily Mission: Moyai Guardian

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APK Link: Ninja Sage – Original APK

Download Link: 1Drive
Download Mirror: GDrive

Note: If download link error, download MOD from source link >>

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