How To Farm Sundelions In Tears Of The Kingdom.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tosses you back into Hyrule, but there are now more layers. In addition to the surface of the kingdom, you can now head up to sky islands, as well as down into the Depths. Here, you will be surrounded by darkness and, on occasion, Gloom.

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Gloom damage will not only reduce your current hearts, but it will temporarily remove them. Thankfully, Gloom damage can be restored with the Sundelion. Here, we are going to take a look at where you can find Sundelions, in order to cook them into dishes that restore Gloom damage.


Sundelions On The Surface Of Hyrule

tears of the kingdom sundelion compendium page

While not the most prevalent here, you can find Sundelions on the surface of Hyrule. Based on the Hyrule Compendium, it’s noted that the flower can be found in Hyrule Field and the Eldin Canyon. These are large areas, but more often than not, Sundelions appear on or around fallen ruins.

To efficiently farm for Sundelions, your best bet is to take to the skies.

Sundelions On Sky Islands

tears of the kingdom sundelion on sky island with link standing nearby

Sundelions are the most common on sky islands. Here, you will be able to find Sundelions in abundance. We suggest heading to any sky island and exploring; you are bound to find Sundelions in a sunny spot, such as the edge of a ruin.

Once harvested, Sundelions will take a few days to respawn. If you are looking to continuously farm from the same spot, we suggest having a farming ‘route’. With this, you can visit multiple sky islands and gather Sundelions.

By the time you loop back to the initial island you visited, the Sundelion may already have respawned. To speed up the respawn process, be sure to sleep (or crouch near a campfire) at night.

How To Use Sundelions

tears of the kingdom sunny steamed meat selected in player inventory

To utilize the Gloom-healing effects of the Sundelion, you will first need to cook them. This is simple; use either a cooking pot or a Zonai pot to cook some ingredients together with a Sundelion.

The result will be a dish that replenishes hearts and heals your Gloom damage. If you are in a pinch for ingredients, you can also cook the Sundelions alone, with no other food items.

Be sure to not add too many foods with effects to a dish, or the Sundelion won’t have any effect. When in doubt, just mix the Sundelion with some meat to make a nice and hearty dish.

Sundelions can also be combined with monster parts to make potions that heal Gloom damage. These potions will not restore your health, but your Gloom damage will go away, allowing you to eat other foods to restore your health.

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