The Best Furniture Sets In Sun Haven, Ranked

What’s the point in farming if you can’t sit back and relax in a homey, cozy house full of cute things? There are tons of different furniture sets within Sun Haven for every type of person. You can craft furniture or purchase some from the store. Some furniture pieces are even exclusive to things such as seasonal festivals.

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This list will go over the best furniture sets you can get in the game. Most people will be flashing these pieces one way or another if they can help it. Not only will you see the best furniture items the game has to offer, but how to get them as well.



10 Holiday

sun haven house holiday furniture set

Who doesn’t love Christmas? The Winter holidays are magical and cozy for a lot of people. Though Christmas furniture won’t hold up during other seasons, having this Holiday furniture set sitting in storage for when Winter does come along will be helpful.

Setting out presents and a tree when your farm is in Winter will help you feel all the more cozy and relatable. To get the Holiday furniture set, you must attend the Winter Festival in Sun Haven, and at the end of every month, there is a festival for the season.

Here, you will be able to purchase Christmas-themed furniture. Some related furniture decorations can be purchased from the Sun Haven General Store at random, such as presents.

9 Golden

sun haven house gold furniture set

Nothing is more luxurious than all gold furniture. As you can expect, getting every Gold furniture item will be very, very expensive.

This is practically end-game stuff with how much they are. Each single item within this set is 99,999 coins.

The only way to get something from this Golden furniture set is by gaining access to the house of Anne, the grey/purple-haired merchant you met at the beginning of the game.

Her house is located right next to the Tavern in town. Inside her home, you can purchase this set.

8 Beach

sun haven beach furniture set

If you are into feminine, light themes but don’t want to overdo it, the Beach furniture set is for you. These items come in flamingo pink, coral blue, and sand color, so the set adds a pop of color without being too loud.

The only way to get this Beach furniture set is by attending the Summer BBQ. The Summer BBQ is the Summer festival that happens on the very last day of the season.

The smaller items in the set like the Cooler and Flamingo Lamp will be 700+ Gold while the bigger items will be 1000+ Gold.

7 Ice Cream

sun haven ice cream furniture set

The Ice Cream furniture set is one of the easiest cute sets to acquire because you gain access to it early. You can get this set by simply crafting it at the Advanced Furniture Table.

The set will need materials such as Snow Ball and Ice Cube, which drop from Frozen enemies in mines on floors 31-40.

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This set is yet another cute theme that isn’t too loud since the brown and white add a calming effect to the pink, and it comes with a rug, an ice cream plushie, and an ice cream lamp. You can easily pair this with other brown or white furniture to tie things in.

6 Bunny

sun haven bunny couch and wardrobe with white bunny pets

A lot of players love this furniture set because of the bunny relation and its ease in acquiring. This is another set that you have access to crafting early on, and you can craft the Bunny furniture set using the Advanced Furniture Table.

To craft Bunny furniture items, you will mostly need tons of Carrots. Plant a lot of Carrot seeds if you want to be able to craft every item in this set! You need around 6-12 Carrots for each item along with Wood Planks.

5 Withergate

sun haven withergate furniture set

If Gothic is more your style, Withergate furniture is best. You can bring any furniture you craft or buy from another town such as Nel’Vari or Withergate, and bring it to your Sun Haven home.

Withergate furniture will be all red and black with monstrous accents like eyeballs. You can get it by purchasing it at the Withergate General Store, and each piece will cost around 200+ Tickets.

The Withergate furniture set is probably the smallest set in the game, only having seven items.

4 Snaccoon

sun haven snaccoon furniture set

This is another cutesy furniture set that most people want. That’s right, you can get Snaccoon-themed furniture.

Snaccoon’s may be annoying in game since they block passageways on the map, but they are pretty cute creatures.

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Of course, all the furniture pieces will be solely purple in color. The only way to actually get these furniture items is by hoping they show up at the Nel’Vari General Store.

Items in any town’s General Store randomize each day, so you never know when things will be in stock next. The Snaccoon set is another small set, with only six items.

3 Cloud

sun haven house with cloud furniture

By far the cutest set of furniture in the game is the Cloud furniture. If you have wanted to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, look no further.

This set has seven pieces to it and every single one looks like a cloud. All of the items are white and yellow except the bed, Wall Shelf, and Wall Lamp which add some other colors.

The only way to get Cloud furniture is by purchasing it from either the Nel’Vari General Store or the Withergate General Store. Different pieces of the set can be found at either store randomly, so it is a game of constantly checking each day.

This also means they will cost both Mana Orbs or Tickets.

2 Elven Leaf

sun haven house with elven leaf furniture

If your Nel’Vari farm is your favorite due to the magical forest vibes it gives off, look no further than acquiring Elven Leaf furniture. As expected, these furniture items can be purchased from the Nel’Vari General Store at random.

You can also craft them at an Elven Crafting Table using materials such as Antlers and Elven Planks. The Elven Leaf furniture set is very similar to the Carved Elven furniture set except it contains lots of greenery instead of just solid browns.

If you want to keep up that earthy look in your Sun Haven home, you’ll want to get this set.

1 Witch

sun haven witch furniture set

No matter what farming life-sim you are playing, most players want the witch-themed items. It offers that gothic aura the Withergate furniture does but with purple instead of red, and also cats and bats.

There are eight pieces to this set, all of which will be purple and brown. The only way to get the Witch furniture set in Sun Haven is by attending the Halloween event in town.

Like most seasonal festivals, Halloween takes place on the last day of Fall. When you attend, you can find a stall that will sell Witch-themed furniture for 1000 or more Gold.

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