Ranking The Best Outfits In Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has tremendous style, ranging from its flashy moves to its gorgeous stages and even impacting its vast roster of 16 playable characters. While most characters are familiar faces, their attire has been changed for the modern era of Street Fighter, having them fit in with the newcomers that have also populated the roster.

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Despite every character looking the best they ever did, some pull off their new look in spades, while others may have to rely on their classic threads to get ahead of the competition. With each character having access to an alternate outfit, it will surely get heated when discussing who looks the best.



10 Blanka – Modern

Blanka posing with a plush of himself in Street Fighter 6

Even though his design didn’t change too drastically, Blanka’s modern outfit makes some excellent changes that make him stand above most of the others in the game.

Everything from his large overalls with one strap unbuttoned to the bandana tied around his neck encapsulate the character that is Blanka wonderfully, and it looks excellent in addition to that.

9 Jamie – Default

Jamie striking a pose in Street Fighter 6

Jamie is one of the new characters to step into the fantastic roster of the Street Fighter series, and he fits right at home in terms of his overall look and design.

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He rocks a modified yellow Wushu uniform, having the top cropped, exposing his midriff. In addition to that, he has a gourd tied to his waist with his Capoeira Belt, making him all the more stylish. Jamie’s design is fantastic and easily one of the best in Street Fighter 6.

8 Marisa – Alternate

Marisa flexing in her alternate outfit in Street Fighter 6

Keeping on the subject of new characters, Marisa takes the next spot with her alternate outfit, which may catch the eye of series veterans with a keen eye for detail.

Marisa’s alternate outfit is strikingly similar to Urien’s suit from Street Fighter 3 and 5, and her hair is even changed to resemble his sideburns. This outfit is incredible for a wide range of reasons, and seeing her in all of her glory, looking more powerful than ever is always a plus.

7 Cammy – Classic

Cammy preparing to fight in her classic outfit in Street Fighter 6

Is it a practical outfit? Does it make sense? Is it necessary? These are all valid questions that all have the same answer: No. But we’d be lying if we just left Cammy’s classic outfit out of the running or replaced it with her more modern one.

This outfit is iconic, and seeing it return in the RE Engine is quite something. Look, it was either between this or her Union Jack-et, and we will always choose this over that.

6 Dee Jay – Modern

Dee Jay posing on the beach in Street Fighter 6

Dee Jay’s modern outfit is substantially better than his classic one, taking him from the bottom tier to one of the best regarding drip. While he didn’t look awful in previous installments, he didn’t blow anyone away either.

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Fortunately, this dude looks phenomenal in Street Fighter 6, rocking a headband that holds his long, flowing dreadlocks back, a mini-jacket with a red, black, and yellow pattern on it that match wonderfully with his green pants with a black and yellow design. Dee Jay’s glow-up is unreal here.

5 Kimberly – Alternate

Kimberly posing in her alternate outfit in Street Fighter 6

Both of Kimberly’s outfits are incredible, but we feel her alternate one slightly edges out her default one, primarily due to it nailing her late ’80s, early ’90s hip-hop aesthetic more on the head than the other.

Still, her tennis visor hat, hammer pants, and a bandana tied around her neck just ooze style, and the belt, gloves, and cassette player add the icing to the whole thing, tying it all together for one of the best fits in the game.

4 JP – Alternate

JP posing in his alternate outfit in Street Fighter 6

JP is a stylish man no matter which outfit you choose for him, but his alternate one is undeniably his best look. His purple suit, paired with a long, pattered white overcoat, is superb, and that’s not even including his long red scarf, cane, or fedora.

Being the new guy in town that is moderately annoying to fight against, there’s no question that JP is one of the game’s best-looking characters, and his second outfit proves this handily.

3 Ryu – Modern

Ryu flexing all his muscles in Street Fighter 6

We’ve bounced back and forth between Ryu’s modern and classic designs a lot but ultimately landed on his new look largely due to how badass he looks with his new kasaya that wraps around his left shoulder and right waist.

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Ryu is a seasoned veteran in Street Fighter 6, and his new outfit pinpoints that look expertly, giving him more character and personality than ever before. This redesign is one of the best in the game and is arguably the best he’s ever looked in a Street Fighter title.

2 Chun-Li – Modern

Chun-Li posing in World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6

Much like Ryu, it was hard choosing which outfit of Chun-Li’s made the cut as both are stellar and excellent in their own right. And, while her classic attire is arguably the most iconic outfit in fighting games, we decided to roll with her new design here.

Chun-Li’s modern outfit in Street Fighter 6 is elegant and beautiful. She now wears a pale blue cheongsam with dark-blue leggings underneath that resemble her old uniform’s color, along with a cloud pattern on her dress that has gold trim around it. This is the best she’s ever looked, and that’s an achievement in and of itself.

1 Manon – Alternate

Manon posing in her alternate outfit in Street Fighter 6

Last and certainly not least is Manon, another new character to the Street Fighter series but one that will hopefully not be forgotten anytime soon. While her default outfit is stylish to some extent, it has nothing on her fabulous alternate attire.

Manon kills it with designer shades, a mini-jacket comprised of pink and black feathers, sleek black ballet leggings with a tutu attached to the top, and bright pink high-heels to put the exclamation point at the end. This is the definition of style, grace, and elegance, making it the best outfit in the game by a long shot!

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