Best Offline Games On iOS And Android

During the early days of gaming, you could easily play your favorite video games without having to worry about internet or data connection, as long as you had your mobile device to play on. But nowadays, with technological advancements on the rise, the internet has become an integral part of the gaming world. Several games launched nowadays require an internet connection to be playable.

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There may be times when we won’t be able to access the internet, or our connection would be unstable. If you would like to enjoy several games without having to worry about your internet connection, you should try out these awesome offline games.

Updated by Yolly del Prado, June 3, 2023: Some days, it feels nice to just disconnect and play mobile games the old-fashioned way – without having to rely on an internet connection. Fun gaming sessions don’t always require you to be online. All you truly need is the best selection of offline mobile games to keep you entertained, and this list provides just that.

We’ve recently made some exciting additions to this list to cater to a diverse array of gaming preferences, from heartwarming adventures that stir up your emotions to adrenaline-packed action games that will keep your pulse pounding. Rest assured; there’s something in our offline gaming trove for every gamer out there. Discover the best offline games for your Android or iOS device today and bring the joy of gaming with you wherever you go



15 Epic Conquest

louisa (upper left), alaster (bottom left), zerav (upper right), edna (bottom right) from epic conquest in a fighting stance

Set sail on a grand journey in Epic Conquest, a single-player action RPG that’s as enticing as it is thrilling. Unleash your bravery and skills as triumph, peril, and even romance await your arrival. Adorned with resplendent anime visual novel-style graphics, this game enchants your senses and immerses you in a world unlike any other. But what makes Epic Conquest truly distinctive? Its unrivaled capacity to deliver an exceptional gaming adventure that can be savored offline.

Whether you’re diving deep into dynamic combat mechanics, immersing yourself in the nuanced character-building systems, or unraveling the many layers of a charming love story, Epic Conquest is ready to satisfy all your gaming desires. So, gear up, stand your ground, and protect the kingdom from a looming demonic invasion.

But wait, there’s more! This game isn’t just about the battle and drama, it also packs a punch with its amusing and witty conversations. All of these elements harmoniously blend to capture the true essence of unbound gaming.

14 Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure

prison cell from prison escape puzzle adventure

Imprisoned unjustly in an old city penitentiary, your unwavering determination to break free reaches new heights. Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the labyrinthine world of Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure, where each cell holds a hidden enigma and every corridor presents an unsolved riddle. This captivating offline game offers you the chance to assume the role of a masterful escape artist, navigating through intricately crafted scenarios reminiscent of real-life escape rooms.

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Your strategic wits will face the ultimate trial as you marvel at the intricacy of the challenges that lie ahead, tirelessly seeking concealed clues and invaluable items that will pave your path to freedom. With its offline capabilities, the game engulfs you in an aura of suspense and mystery, intensifying the sense of isolation within the penitentiary’s grim walls. This immersive experience allows you to ignite your imagination and challenge your intellect whenever and wherever you desire.

13 Otherworld Legends

quan huying from otherworld legends in the executioner's walkway room

Otherworld Legends is the perfect offline escape into a mysterious fantasy world, jam-packed with combat mayhem. You can play as the vigorous kung-fu master, Quan Huying, or control other skilled warriors and fighters. As you traverse from room after room, you will face formidable monsters, ranging from rebellious knights to elusive elfkin sorceresses. Exhibiting a high-octane brawling style, this game brilliantly fuses the aesthetics of both 2D and 3D retro pixel art style, creating a nostalgic journey that catapults players straight back into the golden era of gaming.

The game keeps things spicy with increasingly hulking bosses, and the satisfaction of a well-earned level-up is as sweet as a freshly opened chest of glittering coins, gems, and rubies​. Here, you won’t find a complex drama from the plot, but let’s be honest, we’re here for the brawl, the shiny loot, and the endless offline action on your mobile device.

12 Love Is In Small Things

Love Is In Small Things is a unique offline hidden object game that serves as a peaceful retreat for players. This game escorts you on a heartfelt journey, allowing your fingertips to metamorphose into an artist’s brush. As you uncover hidden objects, the initially monochrome illustrations burst into life, unveiling vibrant hues via a unique color-smearing art effect. With over 30 chapters and 300 levels, the game urges players to uncover more than mere objects – hearts, numbers, and alphabets are intricately woven into the fabric of everyday love scenarios. It’s not just a game but an invitation to partake in the heartwarming journey of two characters falling in love.

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This offline setting creates a sanctuary for love to blossom, enabling you to form a genuine connection with the characters and their journey. It offers a respite from the fast-paced online world, allowing you to savor the narrative and embrace its emotional impact. Let the enchanting tale of the game unfold before you and discover how even the smallest things can add color to your life.

11 Race The Sun Challenge Edition

a solar powered-craft (swallow) hurtling towards the sun from race the sun challenge edition

In Race The Sun Challenge Edition, you’re more than a mere player—you’re a pilot commanding a solar-powered craft, chasing the ever-setting sun. The sun serves as your relentless countdown timer, urging you on with each passing second as you navigate towards the sunset at a breathtaking pace. Picture yourself speeding through a diverse array of vivid paths, the waning sun your singular beacon. Pursue speed boosts to extend the sunlight, earn a little more time, and potentially break your own records.

This endless runner game channels the excitement of classic arcade thrillers, offering quick bouts of fun. And the best part? It’s all offline! No internet, no problem—just you, your craft, and the relentless pursuit of the horizon. Dare to accept the daily challenges and pilot alternate ships in this electrifying game. Remember, in this sunlit race against time, slowing down is not an option​. If you’re seeking an exhilarating, fast-paced experience that maintains its momentum even offline, this is the ideal mobile game for you.

10 SoulCraft

Azriel protecting the crystal from hordes of enemies (from SoulCraft)

SoulCraft is an action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world in which you assume the role of an angel hero tasked with restoring equilibrium between the three warring realms – heaven, earth, and hell. The game seamlessly combines a hack-and-slash combat system, dungeon crawling, and a compelling storyline that adds depth to your overall experience. While the battle levels are short, they provide enough challenge without being overly difficult, keeping you entertained and inclined enough to move forward. The ease of completion makes it ideal for short bursts of enjoyment.

Unlike online fantasy titles, SoulCraft’s offline mode allows you to engage with the game in an undistracted environment – without the added stress of competition with players online or buffering that may disrupt your playthrough. This allows you to focus on the game itself, and enjoy playing at your own pace, making it the perfect fantasy world to escape in.

9 Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja

Ninja Warrior facing hordes of enemies (from Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja)

Oftentimes, offline mobile games are perceived to have low-quality gameplay compared to their online counterparts, but Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja proves otherwise. Its cutting-edge animations, incredible sound designs, and impressive game features make it feel as if you’re playing a triple-A game on your mobile device.

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Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja offers you a chance to explore and immerse yourself in a world of action and adventure and live out your Ninja fantasies even without the need for an internet connection. The game features side-scrolling platformer elements, fast-paced action, and ever-changing level designs that create a unique and interactive environment that will keep you hooked for hours until your return online. If you are looking for a fun and thrilling pastime, this game is just what you need. Perhaps you might even choose to continue playing more of it even with your internet access restored.

8 Robbery Bob – The Boss Thief

Bob sitting in his jail cell (left) and Bob sneaking in a house to steal loot (right) (from Robbery Bob - The Boss Thief)

Robbery Bob – The Boss Thief is a simple yet comical puzzle-adventure game that doesn’t have an extensive storyline and immersive world to entertain you. Instead, the unique combination of classic stealth gameplay, as well as the humorous dialogue that is interwoven throughout the game, is what makes it so appealing. Its light atmosphere helps ease the tension of sneakily navigating the map to steal the much-needed loot without getting caught, making the experience enjoyable rather than stressful.

What’s great about playing Robbery Bob – The Boss Thief is that it allows you to experience the thrill and adventure of a game without having to join alongside other players to have fun. Here, you’ll be able to play at your own pace, in your own space, encouraging you to rely on your wits and flexibility to progress through the levels, making your playthrough all the more rewarding.

7 Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

Sue and grandma sitting down by the sink and cooking area (left) and multiple characters eating their food (right) (from Hungry Hearts Diner Neo)

Try your hand at this cozy management game where you take on the role of Sue, a female assistant who helps grandma run a small diner on the quiet corner streets of old Tokyo. However, you can expect a lot more than just quick-service restaurant gameplay. Hungry Hearts Diner Neo will take you on a sweet and whimsical journey through its richly detailed world filled with diverse characters and unique stories, creating a highly immersive offline experience as you go.

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You’ll learn to cook an expansive menu of mouthwatering authentic Japanese dishes while delivering a satisfying dining experience to your customers. As you progress through the game, you’ll also gain valuable insight into Japanese culture and customs in both an enjoyable and educational way.

Furthermore, its beautiful Japanese comic art style and soothing soundtrack create a serene atmosphere that exudes comfort and warmth, making it the ideal game for those seeking a break from the fast-paced, turbulent world of online gaming or simply from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

6 Dead Target

A soldier shooting multiple zombies coming their way (from Dead Target)

While on a break from the online world, Dead Target will take you into a zombie-infested world that will require your intelligence and sharpshooting skills. This engrossing zombie shooting adventure game will keep you on edge as you combat the hordes of zombies. Gear up and strategically work with your sniper team to finally put an end to the zombie apocalypse. Are you brave enough to face these vicious brain-dead creatures? If so, take on the challenges of being an elite zombie hunter today!

5 Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime

Jason Malone running to the middle of the streets filled with cars (via Gangstar Vegas)

Gangstar Vegas is an open-world game that allows you to experience living the life of a gangster in Las Vegas, AKA the city of sin. You’ll engage in numerous missions to gain street cred and unlock exciting content in the game. Wage war with other gangs, work your way up the ranks, and build your own criminal empire. You’ll even get to customize your character with cool cosmetic items and drive various exotic cars – now’s your chance to live the fancy life you’ve always dreamed of without spending an actual dime!

With chaos happening all over the city, the journey to the top won’t be an easy one. Find out if you have the aptness to live a criminal life in the unforgiving world of Gangstar Vegas.

4 The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike

Cheese throwing an arrow to the skeleton soldier (left) and Cheese talking to a girl (right) (via The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike)

The Way Home is a rogue-like game mixed with farming and survival elements, delivering a charming pixel adventure like no other. It has the perfect balance of fun, challenging, and relaxing gameplay, perfect for casual gaming sessions during long commutes back home.

While on your way back, you might as well help Kevin and Cheese find a way to escape the strange island and return home. You’ll come across several terrifying creatures and will have to gather enough resources to craft items and shelter to help you survive the dangerous place. Each step leads to even more puzzles and challenges that will test your wits and combat skills and hopefully clues on how to make it out alive. Explore the vast map and together enjoy an epic journey back home.

3 Farm Frenzy

Multiple cows and chikens eating grass and in the farm and bears roaming the place (from farm Frenzy)

Farming games have become one of the most popular and successful mobile game genres today. The coziness and sense of responsibility and accomplishment they bring is what makes them so engaging, and Farm Frenzy is no exception to that. The game demonstrates how connecting with animals and nature can sometimes feel more enjoyable and satisfying than connecting online.

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Here, you’ll be living life as a farmer, tasked to look after farm animals, grow crops, and produce enough goods to make a living. As relaxing as country life sounds, there is also a lot of work to do to sustain the lifestyle. Find out if living the farm life is for you.

2 Alto’s Odyssey

Alto sandboarding out of the water (via Alto's Odyssey)

With stunning visuals and a mesmerizing soundtrack, Alto’s Odyssey invites you on a tranquil sandboarding journey – from the serene desert to picturesque vistas, with opportunities to capture your adventure as you go. It is a fun and relaxing game to play to pass the time or keep yourself entertained.

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Its endless runner game mechanics are easy to learn, keeping you engaged as you continually face the never-ending obstacles ahead. Glide through the majestic desert and discover more of what Alto’s Odyssey has to offer.

1 Legendary Heroes

Multiple heroes destroying the enemies' tower (via Legendary Heroes)

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games are dominating the gaming industry, especially in the mobile market. Many people do prefer playing MOBA games online as it allows them to game with their friends. However, offline MOBA games such as Legendary Heroes can still provide you with the same thrill and satisfaction, even adding a unique twist that will take your MOBA gaming to the next level.

Instead of playing with friends and having them on your team, Legendary Heroes allows you to control up to three different heroes in a match to give you more freedom to navigate the map and execute your strategy, providing you with a tighter grip on the overall gameplay. Experience this one-of-a-kind MOBA game and find out if you have what it takes to successfully lead a team of powerful heroes to victory.

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