The Best Video Game Fan Theories That I’ll Always Believe Are Correct

When you think of your favorite fan theory, some deeply dark and twisted theories about generally happy-go-lucky characters come to mind. For whatever reason, we try to turn the bright, kid-friendly Nintendo games into darker stories thanks to a few little tips.

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When you think about it, a lot of video game fan theories are just everyone’s emo phase coming back once again, this time being expressed through creative writing instead of horrible hairstyles and those odd little leather cuffs. Despite all of that, we’ll all keep going back to video game fan theories, and if you’re me, you may even think that some are absolutely correct.



10 The Pokemon War

The Trainer speaks with LT Surge

You aren’t going to convince me that a world filled with legalized cockfights didn’t have a massive Pokemon war in it. All the men of the original Pokemon games probably just heard about that Mew under the truck rumor and went to war in Vermillion City.

It all makes perfect sense. That’s why the overly cool Lt. Surge is the gym leader there, he’s holding the line until someone figures out Mew isn’t really under that one random truck.

Is that a sad reason for the men of the Pokemon world to go to war? Yes, but is it unrealistic? Not when Mew is at stake.

9 Luigi Is All Powerful

Luigi with the Poltergust G-00 from Luigi's Mansion 3

That mustachio’d little menace has to be one of the most powerful beings in all of Nintendo. Have you seen his moves in Brawl? The man literally oozes dark energy while he busts a move so sick that Bayonetta would blush.

Apparently, Mario sticks close to him to keep his power in check, and I can see it. Mario definitely steals the thunder from Luigi in order to keep creatures like Bowser from suffering a fate far worse than simply being hit by a fireball.

8 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Actually A Sequel

aerith standing near lifestream

Even if this is proven wrong, I’ll still believe it. Essentially, the theory goes that the events of the original PS1 Final Fantasy 7 played out, but with Aerith and Sephiroth both surviving in the lifestream, the pair sent the knowledge of the future back to their younger selves.

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Don’t ask me about the complexities of something like that, it’ll just hurt my head. All I know is this explains the knowledge Aerith and Sephiroth seem to have about ongoing events.

It’s a nice theory to believe in if you’re like me and hope everyone’s favorite flower girl has finally found a way to survive.

child link riding epona with tatl from majoras mask

You’re trying to tell me that Link, who falls down a tree and then begins to wear the masks of dead beings isn’t actually dead in Majora’s Mask? Forget the five stages of grief thing, what child in existence would be willing to do something like that?

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but touching the mask that houses the spirit of a dead person is basically the number one way to be haunted for the rest of your life. Only someone already dead would be brave enough to even try to put a mask like that on their face.

6 The Animal Crossing Cult

Chief waves while standing by a light post surrounded by flowers

Honestly, I just thought this was something everyone agreed on instead of a dark fan theory. Why are you suddenly in a new community filled with seemingly happy creatures? Well, because they tricked you into joining their Animal Crossing cult of course.

Think about that crafty Tom Nook. You’ll always be in debt to him no matter what you do, so you’ll always be there to improve the community.

There are almost certainly worse cults to be trapped in because at least you can hear the sweet jams of K.K. Slider.

5 The Mega Man Cataclysm Theory

X and Zero in the first level of Mega Man X

This is yet another overly dark theory someone thought up to explain why an updated series of games exist without previous characters. Basically, Zero is brought into the world and goes on an absolute robot-slaying spree to take everyone else out of it.

It does kind of make sense, considering if there’s one thing I’ve learned from games and anime, it’s that the more complex your character design, the more powerful you are. Without a Shonen-style power boost, the original Mega Man cast never stood a chance against Zero and that flowing hair.

4 Pac-Man And Pong Are Connected

An arcade machine featuring the original Pac-Man game in Pac-Man World Re-Pac

You really gotta squint to get this one, but I think it makes sense. Pong represents rich people playing tennis, and Pac-Man is a poor guy running around forever collecting the balls of the rich people from Pong.

What’s up with the ghosts? I don’t know, maybe that’s the previous ball boys back for revenge.

While that may seem a bit silly, you need to remember, these games were out at a time when people had to imagine that a single square was their character exploring a jungle represented by rectangles. Imagine was powerful back then.

3 The Resident Evil Cast Is Infected

A police officer and a woman pose in a dark city envrionment in resident Evil 2

Knowing what all the unique viruses can do to people who are capable of withstanding their nastier effects, it only makes sense that the Resident Evil cast is infected. Don’t even try to tell me that Chris just really hits arm day hard in the gym, the man punched a boulder and won.

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Their being infected explains how the series has devolved more into ridiculous action, and also how Leon can German suplex a zombie’s head clean off. The theory doesn’t explain where characters like Billy Coen have been this whole time, but maybe he just became a Tyrant or something.

2 Super Smash Bros Characters Are Just Toys

the super smash bros melee roster

There’s no way that the events of the Super Smash Bros games are canon, if they were, I’d be expecting Cloud to bring up that one time he three-stocked Joker on Pokemon Stadium in the next Final Fantasy 7 Remake part.

It just makes sense that the entire game is a kid playing with toys and imagining battles between their favorite characters. It kind of just makes the whole thing wholesome… or extremely mean if you make it so only bomb items drop and Sonic is just absolutely blasting Kirby with every explosive in sight.

1 Nintendo Series Are All Connected Through Time

Mario Jump Kick in the super mario series

Clearly, someone saw the Pixar Theory and thought, “That, but Nintendo.” We live in a world where everything has to be connected at all times, so why not Nintendo too? There’s just something hilarious about this theory.

The fact that it essentially proposes that the various Nintendo heroes are all the same person and legend is just being passed down over thousands and thousands of years to the point that Link and Mario are the same person. The connections go even deeper, but I’d have to pull out an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Pepe Silvia board to explain it all myself.

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