Ranking The Best World Tour Items In Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode has a staggering 15 chapters for you to progress through, allowing you to come across powerful gear, Masters, and even Items that will help you gain an advantage over the many foes and threats that await you on your journey.

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While training with all the Masters to learn their moves is crucial, many Items can offer permanent or temporary buffs, strengthen your Master’s bond, or replenish your HP during battle, preventing you from falling to a formidable foe and living with the shame that follows.



8 Best Gift Items

The Cold Tomato Soup Item in Street Fighter 6

As you progress through World Tour mode, you will meet ‘Masters,’ the game’s 16 playable characters who will take you under their wing to train you in their stance, enabling you to learn their moves and mix and match them with one another for a devastating Avatar build.

In addition to training you, you can give Gifts to each Master to strengthen your bond with them, eventually unlocking their Alternate Costume when reaching Max Bond. Each character has a different favorite Gift, so the table below will outline the best ones for all Masters!

Master Gifts



Gift Location



Knock-Off Blanka Chan

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

3710 Zenny


Jellied Eel

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

3920 Zenny


Canned Herring

Old Nayshall

Shopkeeper Dora

4690 Zenny

Dee Jay

Lukewarm Beer

Ranger’s Hut

Merchant Hawker

4620 Zenny


Instant Curry (Ultra Mild)

Old Nayshall

Shopkeeper Tsanpa

4410 Zenny

E. Honda

Rubber Duckies


Merchant Hawker

3850 Zenny



Genbu Temple

Merchant Hawker

4550 Zenny


Bao Bao Bro Sticker

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

4200 Zenny


Antique Playing Cards

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

4970 Zenny



Dhalsimer Temple

Merchant Hawker

4690 Zenny



Thunderfoot Settlement

Merchant Hawker

4340 Zenny


Heart of Love (DVD)

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

4690 Zenny


Celery Chips

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

4550 Zenny


Red Elevator 8 (Game)

Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

4060 Zenny



Bathers Beach

Merchant Hawker

4410 Zenny


Cold Tomato Soup

FĂȘte Foraine

Merchant Hawker

4900 Zenny


Classy Confectionaries

Old Nayshall


Monk without a Cause


Instant Soba

Metro City

Shopkeeper Udon

4060 Zenny


Wooden Bear

Barmaley Steelworks

Merchant Hawker

4410 Zenny

7 Best Food Items

The Milkshake Item in Street Fighter 6

Early in your adventure, you will be tasked to stop off at a Food Truck to grab a bite to eat with Bosch, your rival, to replenish your health, introducing the concept of purchasing Food Items from Stalls, Restaurants, and other establishments throughout your journey for a quick fill-up.

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There are many Food Items you can purchase, with some offering extremely powerful buffs that are a must-have for the later portions of World Tour mode. You can find some of the best ones Zenny can buy in the table below!

Food Items

Food Item

Stat Boost


Master Action Damage Boost (L)

Shrimp Gumbo

Defense Boost (XL)

Fried Chicken

Attack Boost – Punches/Kicks (XL)

Fish Burger

SA Gauge Gain Boost (XL)

Hot Dog

Unique Attack Boost (XL)

6 Best Restorative Items

The Elixir Item in Street Fighter 6

Despite Food Items having the ability to restore your HP and Drive Gauge, they can only be consumed outside of battle, which can be helpful, just not when you desperately need it most.

Fortunately, Restorative Items will enable you to replenish your HP or Drive Gauge (or both) during combat encounters, essentially giving you a fresh start when things get hairy, and you almost bested your competition. You can find the best ones in the table below!

Restorative Items

Restorative Item


Energy Drink XL

Fully Restores Vitality


Fully Restores Vitality And Drive Gauge

5 Best Offensive Items

The Super Tough Jawbuster Item in Street Fighter 6

Offensive Items refer to the Items that boost your Attacks, whether that be your Punches, Kicks, Specials, or other moves. So long as your damage output is raised, it counts.

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There are only a handful of Offensive-focused Items in World Tour mode, but you should be made aware of the more potent ones so you can use them to your advantage to take down some of the more challenging encounters. The table below will provide this information for you!

Offensive Items

Offensive Item


Super Tough Jawbuster

Boosts Outgoing Damage (M)

*Will update with XL versions soon!

4 Best Defensive Items

The Fortress Caramels Item in Street Fighter 6

Much like Offensive Items, there are very few Defensive-focused ones, but the ones that do exist can come in clutch when you need them most.

Defensive Items can protect you outside of battle and during while also allowing you to withstand much more of a beating than usual, enabling you to prevail in even the most brutal skirmishes you may find yourself in. You can find the best of these Items in the table below!

Defensive Items

Offensive Item


Fortress Caramels

Incoming Damage Cut (L)

*Will update with XL versions soon!

3 Enhancement Items

The Street Fiber (Shoes) Item in Street Fighter 6

Though it may not be of any use to you until you reach Chapter 7 in World Tour mode, Enhancement Items will be of tremendous help to you in the latter portions of your journey.

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Enhancement Items refer to the Fiber Items you will earn through challenges, missions, and random fights that allow you to Enhance your Gear at a clothing store. This feature will be introduced to you when you first enter the Gomorrah Clothing Store near the Stadium in Metro City.

All Enhancement Items

  • Street Fiber (Head)
  • Street Fiber (Torso)
  • Street Fiber (Legs)
  • Street Fiber (Shoes)

2 Permanent Booster Items

The Stamina Booster Item in Street Fighter 6

Permanent Booster Items are Items that will grant you a Permanent Stat Boost upon consumption, which can range from your Max HP to your Kicking Strength to your overall Defense and much more.

There are many Permanent Boosters to obtain during your journey, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and consume them the moment you get them, as they will be of tremendous use to you down the road when things start getting more challenging.

All Permanent Booster Item Types

  • Arts Booster
  • Block Booster
  • Kick Booster
  • Punch Booster
  • Stamina Booster
  • Throw Booster

1 Best Sellable Items

The Bronze Nugget Item in Street Fighter 6

Lastly, we have Sellable Items, which may be overlooked by many. These Items serve no other purpose other than to be sold to shopkeepers for a solid price, putting much-needed Zenny into your pocket.

Sellable Items come in the form of Nuggets, which come in various rarities, giving you more Zenny the rarer it is. If you have any of these in your Inventory, be sure to sell them as soon as possible to get your hands on better gear or Items.

All Sellable Items

  • Bronze Nugget
  • Silver Nugget
  • Gold Nugget
  • Platinum Nugget
  • Diamond Nugget

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