How To Change Your Avatar In SF6

Character Creators have often felt like a rarity in fighting games. The only prominent example we can think of is the Soul Calibur series. Usually, character creation has always been single-player adventure fare.

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Street Fighter 6 boldly defies this rule by introducing one of the most detailed character creation systems ever seen in video game history, let alone fighting games! So, how do you make use of all these excellent features? Let us treat you to an avatar makeover!

Where Can I Create An Avatar?

Chris approaches Slyphy at the Battle Hub Body Shop in Street Fighter 6.

You’ll create your first avatar when you start World Tour or enter the Battle Hub for the first time. If you already made your avatar in World Tour, it will carry over into the Battle Hub.


However, you must visit a Body Shop if you wish to change your avatar’s appearance. These shops allow you to create and save new avatar recipes for free. If you leave with these changes applied, it will cost a small fee:

  • World Tour Body Shops: 1,000 Zenny Fee
  • Battle Hub Body Shop: 50 Drive Ticket Fee

The first Body Shop you’ll find in World Tour is the Style Lab Beauty Salon in Beat Square. Conversely, the Battle Hub Body Shop is near the back of the Hub next to the Extreme Battle cabinets.

TG Writer Chris Sanfilippo's avatar stares at the camera in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6’s avatar creation suite is abundant, possibly one of the most detailed character creators in any fighting game! Nine tabs handle different aspects of the creation process. We won’t break down every tiny detail, but here are the basics.


The Body Type Selection tool in Street Fighter 6's avatar creator.

  • Body Type: This option lets you choose between an AMAB or AFAB body type.
  • Identity: This option lets you choose your avatar’s gender.


Street Fighter 6's Avatar Randomizer tool creates a completely new character.

  • Avatar Presets: These are complete preset avatar builds.
  • Body Presets: These are body presets for your avatar.
  • Randomize: This option lets you randomize your avatar’s face, body, or both.
  • Blend Face Presets: This tool lets you combine two face presets to create a new face.


The Avatar Height adjustment tools from Street Fighter 6.

  • Height And Proportions: This option adjusts your avatar’s total height and torso height.
  • Upper Body: This option adjusts your avatar’s upper body characteristics and proportions, including arm thickness, hand size, chest size, shoulder size, and more.
  • Lower Body: This option adjusts your avatar’s lower body characteristics and proportions, including waist size, buttock size, foot size, and more.
  • Muscle Definition: This option adjusts the appearance of your avatar’s muscles.
  • Skin Color: This option determines your avatar’s skin tone and adds additional skin qualities like sheen, metallicness, and luminescence.
  • Body Hair: This option adjusts how much body hair your avatar has, if any.


The Eyebrow Settings menu from Street Fighter 6's avatar creator.

  • Face: These settings include Head, Cheek, and Jaw Shape Settings.
  • Hair: These settings determine your avatar’s hairstyle and color.
  • Eye Shape: These settings determine your avatar’s eye shape, including height, spacing, angle, and more.
  • Iris/Sclera: These settings determine your avatar’s iris size, iris color, and sclera color.
  • Eyelashes: These settings determine your avatar’s eyelash length, thickness, and color.
  • Eyebrows: These settings determine your avatar’s eyebrow size, position, angle, and color.
  • Nose: These settings determine the shape and definition of your avatar’s nose.
  • Mouth: These settings determine the shape and definition of your avatar’s mouth and lips.
  • Ears: These settings determine the shape, definition, and size of your avatar’s ears.
  • Facial Hair: These settings determine your avatar’s facial hair style and color, if any.
  • Skin: These settings determine your avatar’s skin quality, including texture, wrinkles, and signs of aging.
  • Definition: These settings let you add definition to more prominent facial features, like brows, cheeks, nose bridge, and jaw.
  • Expression: This option lets you choose your avatar’s resting facial expression.

Body Features

Chris Sanfilippo's avatar gets a wing tattoo on his arm in Street Fighter 6's Avatar Body Feature menu.

This menu lets you add up to four details to your avatar’s body, including:

  • Body Moles
  • Body Paint
  • Body Scars

Facial Features

Chris Sanfilippo's avatar tries a smokey eye in Street Fighter 6's Avatar Facial Feature menu.

This menu lets you add up to seven details to your avatar’s face, including:

  • Fixed Face Paint (Limit: 1)
  • Face Makeup
  • Face Scars
  • Face Moles (Limit: 3)
  • Customizable Face Paint (Limit: 1)


The Avatar Color Settings let you review all of your avatar's colors in Street Fighter 6.

This menu puts all your avatar’s color options in one place, including:

  • Body Color
  • Body Hair Color
  • Hair Color
  • Iris Color
  • Eyelash Color
  • Eyebrow Color
  • Facial Hair Color
  • Body Paint Color
  • Face Paint Color


There are several voices to choose for your avatar in Street Fighter 6's Avatar Voice menu.

This menu lets you choose your avatar’s vocal quality, which is characterized by two factors:

  • Age
    • Juvenile
    • Young
    • Mature
    • Aged
  • Tone


The Avatar Recipe list lets you save up to 100 recipes in Street Fighter 6.

This menu is where you’ll save, download, and upload avatar recipes for yourself and fellow players!

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What Are The Best Avatar Creation Shortcuts?

Street Fighter 6's Face Preset Blending tool lets you combine two face presets into a new creation.

Suppose you don’t feel like creating an avatar masterpiece and want to jump quickly into fighting. In that case, several helpful shortcuts make avatar creation a breeze!

Avatar Presets

Avatar presets are character builds designed for the game. You can choose a preset for your whole avatar or specific body/face parts. If you’re satisfied with the preset, you can finalize the avatar.

You’ll get a lot out of the avatar presets, even if you have a distinct vision in mind. They make excellent building blocks that you can further adjust to your liking.

The Face Blend Tool

Decision-making is tough when you have almost limitless character creation options. For instance, what can you do when you’re stuck between two face presets? That’s an easy question to answer: use both! With the Face Preset Blending tool, you can do that.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Choose the two face presets you want to blend. You can also blend your current face with a face preset.
  • Step 2: Set the blend value on a scale from 0 (Completely Face 1) to 100 (Completely Face 2).
  • Step 3: Select “Apply Blend” to don your avatar’s new face.

The Body Triangle

Setting your body composition based on dozens of number values is intimidating. We wouldn’t describe someone by saying, “I would say the person had a neck thickness of approximately 58 out of 100.” Body Triangles let you set body composition on a visual scale.

There are three Body Triangles, one for the Upper Body, one for Lower Body, and one for Muscle Definition. The three points on the Upper and Lower Body Triangles represent Slim, Muscular, and Heavy body composition. On the Muscle Triangle, the three points are Built, Shredded, and Soft.

All you have to do is pin the white dot to the triangle section that best represents the composition you want.

How To Use Avatar Recipes

An avatar recipe modeled after God Of War's Kratos, made by Dark NemeZis for Street Fighter 6.
Kratos recipe by Dark NemeZis

Are you overjoyed by a new look you created but don’t want to lose your current avatar? Fortunately, SF6 thought ahead and made the Avatar Recipe menu.

Avatar Recipes let you save and codify avatar builds to reference them for yourself and share them with other players. This menu contains four sections:

  • Current Recipe: This feature pulls up the list of settings for every aspect of your current avatar’s body and makeup. If you ever need to remake an avatar or wish to teach someone else how to make it, you can screenshot this recipe for later reference.
  • Save/Load: You can save up to 100 avatar recipes. That’s 100 potential characters you’ll have on demand!
  • Download Recipe: If you’re not in the mood to create an avatar step-by-step, you can download one instead! Enter the recipe’s code in the Download Recipe search bar to save it to your recipe list.
  • Upload Recipe: Want to share your Avatar Recipe with the world? Use this feature to receive a download code you can share with other players.

Our Favorite Avatar Recipes

As one would suspect, Street Fighter 6 has a passionate avatar-creation community! Here are codes for some of the most incredible recipes on the Street Fighter 6: Avatars subreddit.

  • Poison – Final Fight (by pharsticage): BKXWPXWN6
  • Jason Voorhees (by GIJobra): YXLFEW6S9
  • Chris Redfield (by Jbootyfulchest): ESKW9WSXY
  • Thanos (by flabby_pizza_nugget): JWN6QCPSJ
  • Nancy Wheeler – Stranger Things (by deafidelity): LMCT67VAN
  • Popeye The Sailor Man (by SalaComMander): HKPUQ3NBC
  • Taylor Swift (by apolloastral – edits by Emily006): SHK9XVLFU
  • Kratos – God Of War (by DarkNemeZis): RBADUHXPC
  • Sojourn – Overwatch (by Yep2DArtist): TLK8XPFKG
  • Asuka Kazama – Tekken (by SunNeat4872): XKJVQMNPU

These codes only provide the body and face of each character. You must purchase the proper clothing in World Tour or the Battle Hub.

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