Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd

By hearing the name of the two games, players basically have an idea that these games will be similar in some way. Following the events of Honkai Impact 3rd, the newly-released game, Honkai: Star Rail uses alternate forms of the series. Players will have control over a group of up to four characters while playing the game, exploring an open environment and engaging in turn-based combat. Here are the top 10 similarities between Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd:

1. Characters

Honkai Star Rail Himeko and Bronya
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First on the list of the top 10 similarities between Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd are the Characters. Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact basically have similar characters in both games. Notably, Himeko and Bronya are original playable characters from Honkai Impact 3rd. Some stigmata sets are also added to Honkai Star Rail as new playable characters. Welt and Kafka are signature stigmata sets of some characters in Honkai Impact 3rd. Players have been happy about this addition of characters as well as new innovations for the new game.

2. Storyline

Honkai Impact 3rd trio
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Honkai Star Rail is the after events of Honkai Impact 3rd. With this in mind, there will be a similar connection between the storyline and characters from the two games. Honkai Star Rail’s storyline has been enjoyed by Honkai Impact players. As new players from other HoYoverse games explore the new game, they are giving good feedback about the storyline of the new game.

3. Game Theme and Art style

Honkai Star Rail game theme
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The art style and theme between the two games are quite similar. In Honkai Impact 3rd, the characters are in a spaceship called the Hyperion. Similarly, Honkai Star Rail is set in a place called the Astral Express. With a similar sci-fi theme, both games are cast in outer space. The similarities between the design of the old characters from Honkai Impact 3rd and Honkai Star Rail are also noticeable.

4. Currency

Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd Currency
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The currency system in Honkai Star Rail has a similar vibe to the currency system in Honkai Impact 3rd. Both games use a crystal-like design that is earned from making quests, story progress, and more. These currencies are also used in the game’s gacha system. Players should always have wise decision-making when spending their in-game Honkai Star Rail Currencies because it is not easy to obtain. Players that maximize their currencies to get the best characters will give them better gameplay experience.

5. Gacha System

Honkai Star Rail Seele Banner
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The Gacha System from both games has some noticeable similarities. Both games also feature different types of banners where a featured character will be obtained when reaching a certain amount of pulls or when getting lucky based on the gacha odds. Additionally, both games feature Stigmata and Light cone signatures which can be unlocked using the gacha system of both games.

6. Equipment

Honkai Star Rail: Relics Guide, Honkai Star Rail
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As mentioned earlier, the stigmata from Honkai Impact are quite similar to Relics from Honkai Star Rail. Both equipment system features a set-effect to make your characters stronger. Both equipment types are obtainable freely from doing story quests and events. Aside from the stronger stigmata being obtainable using the gacha system in Honkai Impact 3rd.

7. Nameless Honor

Honkai Star Rail Nameless Gift
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The battle pass is a common thing now in any type of game. It is a reward feature that is given to players when reaching and doing certain tasks. Both Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd have a Battle Pass system. This can also be unlocked by buying it with real money. Additionally, these will also reward the players with extra and exclusive equipment.

8. Stamina System

Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Power, Honkai Star Rail Calyx
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The Stamina system is found in Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact. This is a fixed type of item that is used to farm and battle specific areas to obtain rewards. Both games have this feature. Stamina will regenerate over time after using it and uncapping it from its maximum amount. Players should always maximize using the stamina system in a game in order to level up faster. This will earn you greater rewards and get you to higher levels faster.

9. Elements

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
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Element features and abilities are found in both Honkai games. Honkai Star Rail features an element type and weaknesses, similar to Honkai Impact. Some common elements that are found in both games are Ice, Fire, Physical, and Quantum. Element-based gameplay has been common nowadays, but it is still quite popular because of the fantasy-type experience that the concept has produced.

10. Ultimate abilities

Honkai Star Rail Himeko ultimate
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Ultimate abilities are the strongest types of abilities by any character. Both Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact have this feature. Some beautiful visual animations are seen in both games when characters do their ultimate abilities. This can also be a key factor in a specific character’s gameplay. The ultimate ability can also be a resemblance to the character and may even have a great story behind it.

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