The Hardest Achievements In Cookie Clicker

If you’re unacquainted with the genre, you may be under the impression that there isn’t much depth to idle games. While it’s true a lot of your time will be spent idling, Cookie Clicker is nonetheless jam-packed with hundreds of achievements. Sure, they can get a little repetitive at times, but that doesn’t detract from their difficulty, especially if you’re achievement hunting.

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From specific quantities of cookie-producing buildings, to total number of cookies baked or upgrades purchased in a single ascension, it can take a while to grind out some of the upper-tier achievements. Based on Steam’s global gameplay stats, here are the ten most difficult achievements to get in the game.



10 Pebcakes

Repeating yellow and pink pattern of the Pebcakes achievement icon.

Who knew you could synthesize cookies through a JavaScript console? With only a 1.6 percent completion rate, the Pebcakes achievement requires you to have 700 JavaScript Console buildings total. If you’re wondering what the total cost of that would be, you’d need to scrape up 218.649 novemdecillion cookies.

If your cookies per second (CpS) was 770 trillion, it would take you just about an hour to afford all 700 JavaScript Consoles, assuming you didn’t buy any upgrades or other buildings during that time.

9 Speed’s The Name Of The Game

Repeating black and red Speed's The Name Of The Game Achievement Icon Pattern

Players who have reached this achievement start to breach into the nonsensical realm of Cookie Clicker. With only a 1.4 percent completion rate, the Speed’s The Name Of The Game achievement requires you to have a total CPS of 100 septendecillion. That’s a staggering amount of cookies being produced.

If you’re not a mathematician, and have never heard of the word septendecillion, that equates to a number, in this case 100, followed by 102 zeros. Who would even need that many cookies?

8 Greener On The Other Sides

Repeatign pink and tan Greener On The Other Sides achievement pattern

When ovens just aren’t enough, and supply isn’t meeting demand, it’s pretty reasonable to start fishing cookies from different dimensions, right? With only a 1.3 percent completion rate, the Greener On The Other Sides achievement requires you to have 700 idleverse buildings total.

To get that many idleverses, you’re going to need to afford a price tag of about 36.955 vigintillion. Who knows, maybe pursuing this achievement will help you put a dent in your “watch later” list on YouTube?

7 Everyone Everywhere All At Once

Repeating blue and red Everyone Everywhere All At Once achievement pattern

This is where things start to get a bit strange. When cookie-producing buildings and production-enhancing upgrades just aren’t enough, it’s time to start cloning yourself, because nobody quite like yourself knows how to build a cookie empire.

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With only a 1.1 percent completion rate, the Everyone Everywhere All At Once achievement requires you to have 650 You buildings total. The final price tag on that many clones of yourself equates to about 1.535 unvigintillion cookies. You might want to start pinning name tags on your clones to avoid confusion.

6 Where Is My Mind

Repeating yellow and pink Where Is My Mind achievement pattern.

After a long day of unfathomable cookie production, the last thing you want to do is use more brain power. Thankfully, those cortex bakers you invested in have you covered, capable of dreaming up cookies at a moment’s notice.

With only a 1.1 percent completion rate, the Where Is My Mind achievement requires you to have 700 cortex baker buildings total. You’ll have to save up 5.851 unvigintillion cookies to complete this achievement. Depending on your CpS, that could take anywhere from a few hours, to days or even weeks.

5 Introspection

Repeating yellow and pink Introspection achievement pattern.

The office is starting to get pretty tight on space, but you could afford a few more clones, right? Given the return on investment, workspace requirements are a small price to pay. With only a one percent completion rate, the Introspection achievement requires you to have 700 You buildings total.

The total cost of all 700 buildings comes out to about 1.663 duovigintillion cookies. Maybe investing in a cookie savings account wasn’t such a bad idea?

4 Oft We Mar What’s Well

Repeating bronze and purple Oft We Mar What's Well achievement pattern.

Upgrades are a huge part of the game, often leading to significant boosts in your CpS. Given the exponential nature of upgrade costs in idle games, the more upgrades you get, the more expensive they become.

With only a one percent completion rate, the Oft We Mar What’s Well achievement requires you to purchase 700 upgrades total. There’s no single answer to how long this will take, but investing in ascension perks that boost the early game and your overall CpS will help you immensely in this endeavor.

3 Septcentennial

Repeating pink and cyan Septcentennial achievement pattern.

This is where the difficulty really starts to ramp up. Think about all the buildings and upgrades in the game, from buildings like farms, grandmas, mines, and cortex bakers, all the way to various upgrades that boost your CpS or clicking power. Well, for this achievement, all of that matters.

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With only a one percent completion rate, the Septcentennial achievement requires you to have 700 of everything. That’s right, you’ll need 700 of each building, and 700 upgrades total. If you don’t mind a higher electricity bill, you might want to leave your PC on perpetually for this one.

2 And A Little Extra

Repeating black and blue Rainy Day Fund achievement pattern.

If you’re looking into the Rainy Day Fund achievement, which has only been completed by 0.9 percent of players, then it’s likely you’re already familiar with incredibly high cookie outputs and milestones. Are you ready to push for the next one?

For this achievement, you’ll have to bake at least 100 duovigintillion cookies in a single ascension. If you’ve been playing the game completely vanilla, and haven’t used an auto clicker at all, this is probably where you’d feel pretty tempted to use one.

1 And A Little Extra

Repeating bronze and green And A Little Extra achievement pattern.

This is it, the big one. With less than one percent of all players having completed it, the And A Little Extra achievement requires you to bake at least 1 trevigintillion cookies in a single ascension. If you abide by the two pillars of idle games, time and patience, you will surely complete this final achievement.

Although it’s not necessarily a race, keeping on top of upgrades and buildings every time they’re available for purchase, and clicking on wrinklers, golden cookies, or other on-screen events, will speed up the process. Most importantly, make sure you don’t ascend too early.

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