New State Mobile May 2023 update brings a revamped “Bounty Royale” mode, new weapon, and more

Krafton unveiled the May 2023 update for its renowned battle royale game, New State Mobile, available on iOS and Android devices. This update presents a range of thrilling additions, including a revamped mode called Bounty Royale, enhancements to weapons and ammunition, improved graphics, and the introduction of a new survivor pass. These features aim to elevate the overall gaming experience for players.

May 2023 update comes with the Bounty Royale remake and higher graphics options

One of the main features of this update is the revamp of the popular game mode called Bounty Royale. In this new version, the inclusion of AI players has been removed to enhance the enjoyment and intensity of gun battles. Up to 32 human players now have the opportunity to create teams and compete against each other, with no AI characters involved.

The objective is to accumulate squad points by collecting data from Generating Devices scattered throughout the battlefield or by completing missions. When a player’s character is eliminated, they drop a portion of their collected data, which can be picked up by other players. Players have the advantage of unlimited redeployment upon death. Squads that fail to gather a certain amount of data are eliminated, and the surviving squad ultimately emerges as the winner. Bounty Royale is available for 8 hours each day, from 12:30 pm to 8:30 pm IST.

New State Mobile Data Generating Devices
Image via Krafton

In addition to the game mode overhaul, the update introduces higher-quality graphics options that are now accessible for high-spec devices. Players using devices capable of supporting 90FPS can now choose improved graphic settings, resulting in enhanced visual experiences and overall immersion.

New State Mobile gets a new weapon and Survivor Pass Vol.19 with the May 2023 update

In the game, a new weapon called the MG5 has been introduced. The MG5 is a powerful Light Machine Gun (LMG) that uses 7.62mm ammunition. It can be found on all maps in the game called New State Mobile. Players have the option to enhance the MG5’s performance by equipping the Dedicated Extended Mag customization, which increases the magazine capacity from 50 rounds to 100 rounds. However, using this customization affects the reload speed of the weapon.

New State Mobile MG5
Image via Krafton

Another customization change has been made for the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) known as the SLR. Instead of its previous customization, the SLR now offers Incendiary Rounds. When enemies are hit by an incendiary round, they suffer burn damage for a duration of 6 seconds, which impairs their ability to aim accurately.

In addition to these updates, the game has released a new Survivor Pass called Vol.19. The protagonist of this pass is Blocker from the GLC faction. By completing all pass levels, players can earn rewards and obtain Blocker’s character skin. Users who upgrade to a legacy pass also have the opportunity to repurchase the Imperial Guard Set.

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