The Best High Elf Units In Warhammer 3

The High Elves are a powerful faction in Total War: Warhammer 3. We combed through all the units and ranked them from S to C for you to pick which unit best fits your play style and which ones you should pick up, even if you don’t usually go for that particular type of unit.

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Before continuing, remember that all High Elven units have the Martial Prowess perk. This gives everyone a +12 on Melee Defense and a +2 on Melee Attack as long as the unit’s HP is over 25 percent. Once it goes below that, good luck.

Updated on April 22, 2023, by Branden Lizardi: Warhammer is gaining new life with the release of the Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC. The introduction of the Chaos Dwarfs faction provides an interesting new approach to the current meta. While the expanded content doesn’t introduce any new High Elf units, it does influence what strategies work and how well. This, in turn, influences the rankings for each unit. We’ve updated this list, taking that into consideration. We’ve also given it a second pass over with grammatical polish, too, just to ensure that you get the best quality we can provide.



a star dragon and other high elven units in total war warhammer

White Lions of Chrace

Let’s start with some of the scariest Great Axe infantry the High Elves offer. With their armor-penetrating attacks, you will want them by your side in every battle. Between the armor-piercing damage and the Forest Strider perk that gives them a speed bonus in the woods, you’ll be routing the enemy in no time

.Sisters of Avelorn

The Sisters of Avelorn are one of the best-ranged units in the game, obviously in the hands of an Elven race. They carry armor-piercing arrows that also do magic and flaming damage. Once you’ve unlocked them and the Handmaiden of The Everqueen’s Quicksilver Shot skill, you’ll darken the skies over the enemy.

Superior Phoenix

With its Emberstone that causes major fire and magic damage and the Fiery Rebirth skill, you’ll discover why this Phoenix is superior to all the rest. Its Attuned to Magic and great Physical Resistance stats make it 100 percent an S-Tier unit.

Star Dragon

The High Elves’ best dragon troop is also one of the best in the game overall. The only downside is how late in the campaign you unlock it. Once you unlock it, though, you’ll understand its true potential. A couple of these bad boys in your army, and you’re set to go and conquer.

Dragon Princes

This is among the few good cavalry units you’ll find with the High Elves. On its own, it might have been A-Tier. Paired up with the Star Dragon, though, they deserve this rank. High-powered and heavily armored, they’ll charge into your enemy lines and break them from the ground while your Star Dragons rain terror from above.


phoenix guards facing the silvern guards

Lothern Sea Guard

This hybrid spear and range unit can come in handy when you need to go on the offensive. Great compared to Rangers, but no match for your Archers regarding range. Keep in mind that these troops have skirmish mode activated automatically when deployed.

Lothern Sea Guard (Shields)

The main difference here is simply the shield they come equipped with. Shields help out a lot, especially if your enemy has ranged units, as they won’t risk any extra Elven lives being lost to missile damage.

Shadow Warriors

Some people like to say that the Shadow Warriors are the best archer unit in the game, and that’s a fair statement, but compared to the Sisters of Avelon, they are lacking. But don’t bail on them just yet, because they have a great combination of perks: Stalk, Fire while Moving, and Vanguard Deploy.

Swordmasters of Hoeth

The Swordmasters of Hoeth come equipped with an Armor Piercing sword that will have your enemy’s heavy infantry and armor units shaking in their boots. Have them ready for flanking because holding the line isn’t their strong point.

Silverin Guard

When your enemy comes charging with their cavalry, the one unit you’ll pray to have by your side is non-other than the Silver Guard. They’re an anti-cavalry spear unit with one of the best shields, and they are also resistant to magic to boot.

War Lions of Chrace

Companions to the White Lions of Chrace, this monster unit can be a great asset to cover your early-game cavalry unit. They run like the wind, cause fear, and have armor-piercing damage. Pair that with your Great Axe infantry, and you’re set.

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Frostheart Phoenix

Few things look better than an icy Phoenix raining down debuffs on your enemies. A mix of good defense and its vast array of debuffs make it a good partner to bring along.

Flamespyre Phoenix

Where there’s ice, there’s got to be fire. This offensive unit can cause some serious damage. With its Wake of Fire ability, you’ll be bombarding behind enemy lines in no time.

Phoenix Guard

We already talked about Dragon Princes, so let’s discuss the Phoenix Guard. This Halberd-wielding unit is what you want to take down Large foes on the offensive. With its high Charge Defense, the Phoenix Guard is a great way to reinforce a line if need be.

Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon has great range and combat skills compared to its counterpart. Don’t forget about its explosive abilities, and you’ll find an ally you didn’t know you even wanted.

Sun Dragon

The Sun Dragon is the standard high-damage fire dragon you read about. It’s got great flying skills and high damage, but the one downside is its inability to regenerate. Don’t forget to use Magic Missile before sending it into a melee battle.


the Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower and High Elven Spearmen


Even though Elven archers are the best you can find in-game, the elite troops within this race drop the standard archer to the B-Tier. In any other race, they would’ve been at least an A-Tier; the only problem is the non-piercing arrows they carry.

Archers (Light Armor)

As above, but with light armor, and definitely worth the extra gold to recruit them.

Tiranoc Chariot

The Tiranoc Chariot gives the High Elves a good mix of missile and melee damage, especially regarding their Reaver Bows that shoot three arrows at once.


The Spearman is the backbone (maybe front would be better) of the High Elven army because of its high defense and shields that will cover your archers from your enemy’s attacks. Don’t forget about them after the early game stages.

Great Eagle

The Great Eagle unit is not as powerful as the ones from Middle Earth, but still worth keeping in your army. They are great counters for artillery and archers, just don’t rush them in without support.

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Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers

This early-stage artillery unit is great for when you’re thinking about sieges. With the multi-shot and single-shot modes, you’ll snipe out heroes or take out swarms of peasants.

Lion Chariots of Chrace

As you can tell, Chrace is all about Lions, and we are too. The main downside with the Lion Chariot is the lack of armor, making them easy kills in close quarters, but at least they have great Range Resistance.


High Elven Cavalry Unit Charging into each other

Silver Helms

Well, cavalry isn’t the High Elves’ forte, and with the Silver Helms considered the best non-elite cavalry unit, you don’t want to build a banner around this unit.

Silver Helms (Shields)

Usually, when adding the different types of troops, the shielded version is always better than the standard, but unless you’re thinking about using them to run after routing enemies, don’t bother.


Elves and Rangers go hand in hand, but High Elves rangers are a bit too weak for our liking. Their dual sword-wielding style is pretty cool, but they die like flies when it’s time to fight.

Ellyrian Reaver Archers

This missile cavalry unit isn’t as powerful as it could be. With its non-piercing arrows, you really are missing out on loads of kills. We wouldn’t recommend having too many of them.

Ellyrian Reavers

They have one thing, and that’s speed. But when it comes to melee combat, you’ll wish you never recruited them. Some people online say they’ve even seen them lose against archer troops in close-quarter combat. Cavalry losing to archer units in a Total War game. Seriously.

Ithilmar Chariot

They’re too pricey for what they give back to you: the will to rage-quit on the spot.

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