Aptoide has launched its free iOS marketplace alternative to Apple Stores

Aptoide, launched as a popular alternative Android marketplace in 2009, boasts around 1 million apps for some 400 million users. However, the platform has launched its iOS marketplace as well which as of now is invite-only with over 100 developers already citing interest. The app store will be the first of its kind for the iOS marketplace with the basic services being free of cost.

The emergence of alternative iOS marketplaces reflects the de-monopolization of iOS markets

Several institutions like the EU, agreed on opening up the iOS business to third-party app stores with the EU Digital Markets Act, making it necessary for Apple to allow these app providers to operate in the market. Aptoide iOS marketplace will also feature an IAP software development kit for the developers which is launched in collaboration with Apple. Aptoide will redistribute the iOS apps, making it the first of its kind in the industry.

Aptoide iOS, AptoideAptoide iOS, Aptoide
Image via Aptoide

The Aptoide iOS game store represents a significant shift in the way users and developers interact with the iOS gaming ecosystem. It marks a significant departure from the traditional iOS gaming ecosystem, which has been controlled by Apple’s App Store. We thank Apple for their support thus far, knowing that there are still areas for improvement in the alternative distribution of iOS apps.” quoted Aptoide’s co-founder and CEO Paulo Trezentos.

If you ask me, the mobile gaming landscape is evolving, with many other big names launching their marketplaces. Apple has also made quite some changes to its platform to stay competitive in the market, with the new laws in place, the market will now be open to many other third-party app providers also competing for market share which was once dominated by Apple. Aptoide will be the fourth third-party and first free third-party iOS marketplace in Europe.

Aptoide launched the iOS marketplace on June 6, however, it has invitation-only access as of now

Aptoide iOS, AptoideAptoide iOS, Aptoide
Image via Aptoide

The app store, Aptoide has already launched the iOS marketplace, however as of now, access has been restricted, with over 20,000 signups on the waiting list. The app store plans to give out access to between 500 to 1,000 per day in order to get early feedback from the users. The app store launched with 7 casual games including Solitaire, Charades, and Mahjong, and will add more to the list with time.

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